Why are you asking my opinion?

    The City of Cockburn wants to ensure it's Strategic Community Plan, which is it's long term vision for the City, reflects the needs, interests and aspirations of it's community. The City can only achieve this with your input. 

    How will the information I provide be used?

    The information you provide will be compiled alongside the input from others respondents. The combined comments will be used to help shape the Strategic Community Plan. Feedback gathered via our recent Community Perception Survey, Business Perception Survey and Customer Satisfation Survey will also be used to guide the Strategic Community Plan. 

    Will I receive feedback in relation to my comments?

    If you have supplied your email address as part of the survey and opted in to obtain feedback, you will receive information as key project milestones are achieved. Updates will also be provided via Social Media, the Cockburn Soundings Newsletter and the Cockburn Gazette Newspaper. However if you have specific questions, you can contact the City anytime on comment@cockburn.wa.gov.au 

    Can anyone comment?

    Yes, if they live, work, visit or invest in the City of Cockburn.