What is a Foreshore Management Plan?

    A Foreshore Management Plan is a detailed plan for managing the Coogee Beach Foreshore over a 50 year planning horizon. The Plan is developed in accordance with State Coastal Planning Policy guidelines and anticipated coastal hazard impacts on assets. The Plan will recommend management activities for the City to undertake within the Coogee Beach Foreshore over the next 50 years.

    What does a Foreshore Management Plan do?

    The Foreshore Management Plan will guide management of the coastal reserves over the next 50 years, in a manner that ensures the preservation of ecological, cultural and social values of
    the area, whilst enabling use of the coastal foreshore in a sustainable manner in the short to medium term.

    Why is the City developing a Foreshore Management Plan?

    The Coogee Beach foreshore area in the long term is expected to experience coastal inundation and erosion, based on current projected sea level rise estimates, placing pressures on some assets and the natural environment.

    In order to manage the continued recreational and commercial use of the coastal area, a Foreshore Management Plan for Coogee Beach is required.

    What area will the Foreshore Management Plan cover?

    The area covered by the Foreshore Management Plan for Coogee Beach Foreshore is shown in the map below. The project area extends from just south of Port Coogee Marina (adjacent to Perlinte View) to the Coogee Beach Life Saving Club (near Poore Grove). 

    What does the Foreshore Management Plan need to consider?

    The Foreshore Management Plan should be consistent with State Planning Policy, and local plans and policies. 

    The plan must also be consistent with, and build upon, existing Plans for this area including:
    • Coogee Beach Master Plan, which presents the overall vision for Coogee Beach, currently at Stage 3 
    • Woodman Point Regional Park Management Plan (2010)
    • Coogee Beach (Environmental) Management Plan (Ecoscape, 2009) which details the existing flora and fauna and provides guidance for conservation of the existing natural dune system.
    Other relevant studies for Coogee Beach include:
    • City of Cockburn Coastal Adaptation Plan (GHD, 2016).
    • Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance Coastal Vulnerability and Flexible Adaptation Pathways Project reports (CVFAPP)

    Who are you seeking feedback from?

    Everyone is invited to comment on this project. 

    The City is also undertaking close engagement with key landowners and user groups. 

    How will my feedback be used?

    Your feedback will be used in collaboration with further research and advice from subject matter experts to develop our Foreshore Management Plan for Coogee Beach Foreshore.

    How can I provide my feedback?

    We want to hear what's important to you about Coogee Beach Foreshore to help shape our Foreshore Management Plan. 

    Have your say:

    • Online - Complete the survey here
    • In person - Come and chat to our Project Team on Sunday 23 February. They'll be at the beach adjacent to the Surf Life Saving Club between 10am and 12.30pm, and at the beach area near the jetty between 1pm and 3pm.
    • In writing - Write to us at comment@cockburn.wa.gov.au or post to Marina Team, City of Cockburn, PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC WA 6965
    Comment period closes 4pm Wednesday 4 March 2020

    I want to know more. Who can I contact?

    Contact the City of Cockburn's project team

    Ph: 08 9411 3444
    E: customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au