Who would have access to the garden?

At this stage, the idea is a concept only. However, it is envisaged that the garden be a community managed project designed to bring the neighbourhood together. It is proposed for the garden to be open for everyone in the community to enjoy together and also learn about the history of the early market gardener families of the area. In order to grow vegetables and collect produce, the community residents would need to be a member of the Coogee Community Garden Group WA. 

Who would manage and maintain the garden?

It is envisaged that maintenance will be shared amongst volunteers and members of the Coogee Community Garden WA. However, anyone that visits would be encouraged to do their bit to help ensure the garden remains a neat, tidy and sustainable place for everyone to enjoy.

How did this idea come about?

The proposal was first raised in a Coogee Beach Progress Association meeting. The Coogee Community Garden WA has been incorporated since November 2018 as a not-for-profit group.

When would the garden be built?

The Coogee Community Garden is just an idea at this stage and therefore this is yet to be determined.

How would the garden be funded?

The Coogee Community Garden is just an idea at this stage, however all costs associated with the garden would be funded by the Coogee Community Garden WA (through donations, grants and funding). 

Where would water for the garden come from?

The proposed design suggests rainwater would be collected via a tank, which includes a gravity feed from the adjacent shed roof. The design includes a pump for irrigation feed.

Who can I talk to about the proposal?

Contact the City of Cockburn - Community Development Team

Ph: 9411 3444

E: customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au