Why are changes to Local Planning Policy 1.3 being proposed?

    LPP 1.3 (Ancillary Dwellings) is being modified to include all ‘Special purpose’ dwellings into one policy – instead of three separate policies. This includes the provisions of LPP 1.4 (Aged or Dependent Dwellings) and LPP 1.5 (Single Bedroom Dwellings) which can then be deleted. A new type of special purpose dwelling ‘Small Dwelling’ is currently being introduced into the City’s Town Planning Scheme and changes to this policy will also include provisions for this new type of special purpose dwelling.

    Why are changes to Local Planning Policy 4.6 being proposed?

    The owners or Lot 1 Bennett Avenue North Coogee (corner of Reinforcement Parade) are proposing to develop various types of housing which would be inconsistent with the current provisions of LPP 4.6. The site is currently earmarked for ‘High Density’ which would accommodate apartments with a building height range of between three-five stories. The changes proposed will amend the site to ‘Mixed Residential’ and would allow a mix of terraced homes and apartments with building heights of some of the terraced homes being two storey whilst the remaining portion of the site will remain three-five stories.