When will the elements of the Master Plan be built?

    The Master Plan is a vision that guides future planning for this space over the long term (approx 10 years). Delivery of Master Plan elements is subject to funding and detailed designs. Funding of this project is yet to be confirmed. The Master Plan is a guiding document only and therefore may be subject to change. 

    Where is Yandjet Park?

    Yandjet Park is located at 342 Yangebup Road in Yangebup, adjacent to the Mater Christi Catholic Primary School and Church, primarily used by the public and school for recreational purposes and school events.

    What works are proposed to be completed at Yandjet Park?

    A summary of the key improvements proposed within the Yandjet Park Master Plan concept is included below:

    ·  Extended turf playing space with new sporting infrastructure

    ·  Relocation of the long jump pit to maximise the available active space for sports

    ·  New playground with separate junior and senior play spaces and shade cover

    ·  New formalised parking area with up to 30 bays and a turnaround area

    ·  New and improved signage

    Who will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and management of Yandjet Park?

    In the past, Yandjet Park has been maintained by the Mater Christi Catholic Primary School due to its use of the park for school activities.

    The City are now in the process of developing a shared use agreement with the school for the proposed improvements and ongoing maintenance of the site, with a view of increasing use of the reserve by the wider Yangebup community, and making it available for local sporting clubs to use as an overflow sports ground in the future.

    What does riparian mean?

    Being situated around a wetland. 

    What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan is the name given to a specific type of planning document. A Master Plan sets out the long-term vision for an open area or space, to guide how we plan for its development and enhancement over time. A Master Plan is a guiding document and its components are subject to funding and further detailed designs.

    What are the environmental values of this area?

    Yangebup and Little Rush Lake is within an ESA (Ecologically Sensitive Area) corresponding with Bush Forever site 256, (Government of Western Australia 2000). The area contains the TEC (Threatened Ecological Community) Endangered Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain, known as the Banksia Woodlands TEC (Threatened Species Scientific Committee & DotEE 2016) that is protected under the Federal EPBC 1999 Act.

    How was the need for the Yandjet Park enhancements identified?

    In 2018, Council adopted the Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan 2018-2033 (CSRFP) which outlines all community, sport and recreation facility and reserve development for the next 15 years. As part of the development of this plan, a community needs assessment was undertaken which involved a substantial program of community and stakeholder engagement. One of the key findings and common themes identified within this plan was that the current level of sporting reserve provision was inadequate to meet current and future demand. The City has identified Yandjet Park as a key site with potential to serve the wider Yangebup community and address this shortage in active sporting reserves.

    In early 2019, the City conducted a series of community consultation activities relating to the Yandjet Park site, with a summary of the key feedback trends provided below:

    ·  Improved parking

    ·  Additional fencing

    ·  Separate Junior and Senior play spaces

    ·  Shade

    ·  Safety

    ·  Improve bike and pedestrian access

    The above feedback has been considered and incorporated into the plan for Yandjet Park.

    What is the overall cost for the Yandjet Park component?

    A budget of $750,000 is to be considered for this project to be spent in future years.

    Why develop a Master Plan?

    The Master Plan will help ensure that any upgrades, development and activities in each reserve are consistent with a common vision.