Will the expansion happen all at once or in stages?

    As per the Business Case, the marina expansion is proposed to happen in 2 stages. Stage 1 will include approximately 80 marina bays, positioned from the south side of Maraboo Island. This could include a potential boardwalk, extra car bays on Maraboo Island and waste facilities and ablutions to support the extra marina bays.

    Stage 2 has been projected for year 5, however this will depend on the occupancy of Stage 1 and the development of the southern peninsular from local property developers, Frasers Property Australia.

    How have boat bay sizes been determined?

    The boat bay sizes in the concept design are based on a number of factors. These include:

    • Australia-wide trends

    • Local trends

    • Department of Transport data

    • Consultation with neighbouring marinas and yacht clubs

    • Current demands

    • Predicted future demands

    Marina Infrastructure has a design life of 25 – 40 years and therefore caters to likely future demands. Over the past 10 years, Marina trends show an increase in bay sizes from 10m to 15m and this trend is expected to continue. The inclusion of larger bays will allow both current and future needs to be catered for, as smaller boats can continue to be placed in larger bays.

    How much will the expansion cost and how will the project be funded?

    Stage 1 – estimate as per Business case $5.3M

    Stage 2 – estimate as per Business case $1.4M

    The total expansion cost will be covered by loans, with repayments funded from marina revenue.

    What is the Port Coogee Marina?

    Port Coogee Marina is the waterway reserve located in North Coogee, to the west and south of Maraboo Island extending south to the southern peninsular, east to the pedestrian boardwalk and west to the northern and southern groynes. The Marina’s purpose is to provide secure boat bays for recreational boats.

    What about the land surrounding the Marina and how that is used?

    The Business Case and Draft Concept Design relate to the expansion of the Marina’s boat bay capacity and facilities to support their use. As per the Draft Concept Design, the  surrounding land and properties are privately owned and development of these areas are guided by a separate document called the Port Coogee Local Structure Plan. It describes how land in Port Coogee should be used and therefore considers things like commercial/retail, public amenity uses and residential areas. Port Coogee is still a developing area, if you’d like to read more about the future planning for Port Coogee you can view the structure plan here:  https://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/Building-and-Development/Town-Planning-and-Development/Current-Development-Projects/Port-Coogee

    What stage are we at in this process?

    The City has worked with industry consultants to develop a Business Case for the expansion, and  concept design plans. The Local Government Act 1995 requirements are that prior to adoption and implementation of the Business Case, the City invites submission from the relevant stakeholders and the General Public of WA.

    This Business Case outlines current demand assessment, future marina bay lengths, land and water services to support the expanding business, financial analysis and concept layouts.

    The business case was adopted by Council in September 2019 for public advertising. We are asking Stakeholders and Community for your feedback on the Business Case and the preferred Concept Design prior to working up the detailed layout design.

    Why are we proposing to expand the marina and why now?

    Management of the Port Coogee Marina was transferred to the City of Cockburn on July 24, 2016 as part of the progressive handover of assets from Frasers Property Australia.  As part of the Handover Deed, the City is required to provide an additional 150 marina bays (approximately) at the appropriate time as per Western Australian Planning Commission and the Department of Transport requirements.

    The past 18 months have seen the marina with above 90% occupancy rates and a growing number of customers on waitlists for a boat bay, as well as residents projected to be on the newly developed neighbouring Maraboo Island by mid 2020, all support this to be an appropriate time for The City to expand the marina.

    What facilities are required to cater for the additional marina bays?

    The Australian Standard for Marina Design outlines the requirements of land and water facilities to support a marina business. These include ablutions facilities, waste management and car bays and are based on a ration of the number of marina bays.