Where is Omeo Park?

    Omeo Park is located on Socrates Parade, North Coogee. It is positioned to the south of the Port Coogee Marina and provides access to the Omeo shipwreck. 

    The Omeo shipwreck is Perth's most accessible wreck for snorkelling and is the starting point of the Coogee Maritime Trail.

    This southern precinct of Port Coogee is growing as a public and commercial hub and will require public amenities.

    Does this area have access to ablution amenities?

    An outdoor shower was installed in 2020 at Omeo Park, near the shipwreck access stairs. However, access to public toilets is currently limited. The nearest public toilet facility is over 400m away. 

    Community consultation undertaken between March and May 2020 identified low level of satisfaction with current access to public toilet amenities at Omeo Park.

    The southern part of Port Coogee has been identified as needing public ablutions, both due to current Omeo Park requirements as well as long term future development of adjacent vacant land. 

    This adjacent ‘Marina Village’ land area will include extensive public attractions including parks, retail and hospitality that will bring further visitors to the area.  

    The option to utilise the nearby retail centre for ablutions is not a viable proposition as it is a privately owned and operated entity and intended only for use by shopping patrons.

    What were the key findings from the consultation process undertaken in 2020?

    Between March and May 2020, the City sought community feedback on their level of satisfaction with access to amenities at Omeo Park, and their vision and priorities for a new amenities building. 

     The consultation page received over 700 visits.

    • Approximately 250 people provided feedback.
    • Most respondents were from North Coogee (70%) or Coogee (17%) and visit regularly.
    • Exercise/walk; swim/snorkel/dive; and sit/relax/enjoy were the most popular reasons for visiting.
    • Respondents were generally satisfied with access for enjoyment, safe pedestrian access, and security lighting.
    • Respondents were generally less satisfied with access to public toilets and changing facilities.
    • Preferred amenities for the building were public toilets (71% in favour), shaded/covered areas (70% in favour) and seating (64%) in favour.
    • The respondents’ vision for the amenities building with respect to quality was unobtrusive/low impact; aesthetically pleasing; practical/functional/convenient; and safe/secure. Combined these comments related to 56% of the feedback. 
    • The respondents’ vision for the amenities building with respect to style was minimalist/simple (27%); modern (23%) and natural (18%). 
    • Of the potential locations in Omeo Park for the amenities building, the north-west corner (adjacent to the future parking) was most preferred.  

    What decisions have been made so far?

    Following phase one of consultation between March and May 2020, the following aspects have been considered and decided by Council and are therefore not subject to change: 

    • The site of the restroom building and shaded seating area (north-west corner of Omeo Park) has been selected as the optimum location on the basis of the 2020 community consultation and associated council decision, and will not be subject to further change.
    • The composition of facilities within the restroom building will include accessible toilets, seating, wash-basins, change-room space and an external shower. The facilities have been assessed as providing the optimum level of infrastructure required to service users of Omeo Park and the adjacent Marina Village precinct as it is developed.
    • Two external public showers have been included in the design for the new building, which will add to the newly installed dive wreck open air shower. This is due to the need being expressed through the popularity and success of the dive trail activities. 
    • While additional car parking bays have been identified on the concept plan, the design and detail of this is yet to be finalised and will be part of a separate project.
    • Materials have been determined and costed to comply with the requirements of the City’s Design Review Panel and to be appropriate with a coastal location.

    What will the amenities look like?

    The draft designs are currently open for feedback until 4pm, Thursday 8 April 2021. Refer to the supplied drawings and images for an indication of the intended appearance and layout of the facilities.

    The designs were developed by a local architect (Artem Design Studio), considering the feedback and vision of the community identified during phase one of the consultation process. The objective was to deliver simple, modern and minimalistic amenities that are aesthetically pleasing and low impact. 

    The restroom building includes toilets (including a universal access toilet), change-room space, hand wash basins and external showers and seating. 

    An accessible hard stand is proposed adjacent to the building, which provides the opportunity for a temporary seasonal food van or similar, should it be desired or needed in the future. 

    A shade structure with picnic tables and chairs is proposed nearby, to compliment the curved design of the adjacent restroom building and provide much needed shade and seating space. 

    The design was also subject to review and endorsement by the City’s Design Review Panel.

    The design can be viewed at comment.cockburn.wa.gov.au/OmeoParkAmenity. Hard copies of the design are available at the City of Cockburn Administration Building (9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood) and City of Cockburn Marina Office (Maraboo Loop, Port Coogee, beneath the Landsales Office near Dome).

    What is the Design Review Panel?

    The City of Cockburn Design Review Panel is an established body with which the City may consult in assessing an application under the provisions of the City of Cockburn Town Planning Scheme No. 3.  

    The panel reviews and makes comment on the designs for significant developments, and its membership comprises independent practitioners with an expertise in the design field.

    According to the Design Panel Review Policy, members shall be highly regarded with appropriate qualifications and substantial experience in one or more of the following areas:

    • Architecture
    • Urban design
    • Landscape Architecture 

    A person who is currently employed by the City of Cockburn or who is an elected member of the Cockburn Council is not eligible for appointment as a member of the Panel. 

    The Design Review Panel Policy can be viewed online at cockburn.wa.gov.au. 

    What recommendations were made by the Design Review Panel?

    An initial draft was presented to the Panel for comment. The following recommendations were made: 

    • Landscape design requirements were advocated to support the design process.
    • Privacy to male amenities were to be considered further.
    • The use of robust, durable and attractive materials were advocated.
    • Locating the shelter to capitalise on view, vista and aspect over the water.

    The above were considered and then integrated into an updated design, with the following outcomes:

    • A detached shelter structure with seating which aligns with views towards Woodman Point and Garden Island. 
    • A detached toilet amenities building set down into the current landscape at a low point to minimise any visual intrusion. The restroom building is to include:
      • Male and female change rooms with benches, four pans and one urinal designed to minimise security /surveillance concerns.
      • A universal access toilet
      • A store room for community and municipal purposes
      • Integrated seating under a canopy extended from the amenities building.
      • An additional canopy to the northeast of the main amenities building to provide additional shade under a suspended awning with roof garden.
      • A hand wash area in close proximity for enhanced public surveillance.
      • A domed shaped circular roof with roof garden.
      • Re-alignment of the existing pedestrian cycleway around the new toilet facility but in front of the shelter with connections to Napoleon Parade and between a future car park and extended dual purpose coastal route to be designed and constructed as part of a separate project.
      • A proposed hard standing adjacent to the amenities block for seasonal food van and hospitality offerings with lockable in-ground servicing points (including direct access to the hard standing from Napoleon Parade).
      • Additional off-street car parking, to be designed and constructed as part of a separate project. 

    The design was commended for the careful and detailed consideration of the public amenity and the proactive and collaborative approach to address the Panel's requests. 

    Will parking be delivered at the same time as this project?

    While parking does not impact on the need for the restroom building, it was still identified as an issue by respondents during phase one of the consultation process. 

    Parking will be assessed and progressed separately to this project, given the need to review this on a broader scale and in relation to the future development and planning for the area. 

    Future parking has however been identified on the draft designs for the purpose of providing context of the area adjacent to the restroom building and shade structure. 

    Progressing improved access to and supply of parking in this area of Port Coogee remains a priority for the City. 

    Where can I find more information on the future plans for the Port Coogee area?

    Development at Port Coogee is guided by the Port Coogee Local Structure Plan(LSP), which was adopted by Council in 2005. The LSP provides for a mix of zones covering a total of 85.99 hectares spanning dry land (57.24ha) and water areas (28.75ha). Click here to find out more.

    How can I provide feedback on the draft design?

    Feedback is open until 4pm Thursday 8 April 2021 and can be submitted via the online form at comment.cockburn.wa.gov.au/OmeoParkAmenity or hard copy forms which are available at the City of Cockburn Administration Building (9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood) and City of Cockburn Marina Office (Maraboo Loop, Port Coogee, beneath the Landsales Office near Dome).

    What consideration has been given to CCTV?

    Permanent CCTV will be installed as part of the construction of the ablution building.

    There are currently nine cameras within the Omeo Park area.

    The building will be locked overnight.