Why is a restroom needed in the southern end of Port Coogee?

    Access to restrooms at the southern end of Port Coogee is currently limited.

    The southern end of Port Coogee is set to become a public and commercial hub, and will require public amenities. The Omeo Shipwreck - a popular dive and snorkel trail in Perth – already brings heavy visitation to the area during warmer months. Users of the trail require sufficient ablution amenities for hygiene needs.

    Why is a restroom being proposed in Omeo Park?

    The amenity must service the future public and commercial centre to the north and west of Omeo Park, as well as the Coogee Maritime Trail to the south. It must also be located on land that is currently or will in future  be Public Open Space. As such, the northern end of Omeo Park is considered the most appropriate location for this amenity.

    Public restrooms are important in creating a welcoming City that support activation and public hygiene.

    Where is Omeo Park?

    Omeo Park is located on Socrates Parade, North Coogee.

    Omeo Park is located at the southern end of the Port Coogee Marina.

    What is the vision for the amenity?

    The vision for the amenity is subject to community consultation.

    The City recognises the importance of a facility that is well designed, is sensitive to safety and security, is aesthetically pleasing, and is sufficiently maintained. With this in mind, the City has engaged an architect who will use the community's feedback to guide the design.

    There is an opportunity to combine additional uses into the amenity, such as storage space for the Port Coogee Community Association's events and multi-use outdoor space to facilitate recreational traders.

    Where can I find more information on the Coogee Maritime Trail?

    Click here to learn more about the Coogee Maritime Trail.

    Where can I find more information on the future plans for the Port Coogee area?

    Development a tPort Coogee is guided by the Port Coogee Local Structure Plan(LSP), which was adopted by Council in 2005. The LSP provides for a mix of zones covering a total of 85.99 hectares spanning dry land (57.24ha) and water areas (28.75ha).

    Click here to find out more.

    What will happen after the comment period?

    Pending community feedback, the City will, in conjunction with architects, develop a draft design of the amenity. We'll be seeking further feedback at later stages of this project.

    How will my feedback be used?

    The City is seeking feedback from the community to shape the design and final location of the amenity.

    Where will the amenity be located?

    The amenity will be located in Omeo Park.

    It is required to service the Coogee Maritime Trail (staircase entry to the trail is adjacent to the Omeo Shipwreck) and the future public / commercial hub. For the amenity to be effective, it needs to be close by to the Maritime Trail entry.

    The northern end of Omeo Park is considered to be the most suitable location for the amenity. A map with three possible locations has been provided. The community are invited to share their feedback.