What is this project?

    This project aims to complete a study on Indigenous and Early European heritage of Dixon Park and surrounds, known as 'Hamilton Hill Swamp Precinct'. The result will be a document that will be available to the public and will describe the heritage significance of the area and any heritage findings.

    How long will this project take?

    The heritage grant provided by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the Office of Simone McGurk is administered by the City of Cockburn and is expected to be used before the end of this financial year (ending June 2020). The project will therefore be completed before this date.

    Why is this project important?

    This is an important study to recognise the community heritage of a site that has fragmented land ownership.  

    What will happen to the site after the study has finished?

    The purpose of the study is to research the heritage significance of the area to determine the extent of this significance, and to record it appropriately for future generations. The study is not proposed to dictate what can or can't occur on the site, but may provide recommendations for future investigations.

    Who is running the project?

    The Hamilton Hill community secured funding for the project from the Office of Simone McGurk, MLA for the Fremantle electorate. The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage provided the grant to the City of Cockburn to manage. The City has appointed Terra Rosa Consultants to undertake the project, given their extensive experience in heritage investigation.