What changes are proposed?

    The key amendments proposed to Local Planning Policy 3.9 include:

    • Introducing two precincts within the AMC to guide acceptable land use (see document library for map):
      • Precinct A: Core Strategic Marine and Defence
      • Precinct B: Strategic Industry Frame
    • Introducing development standards for the AMC to address areas including car parking, setbacks and built form outcomes;
    • Including guidelines for intended future character.

    What land uses will be acceptable in each of the proposed new Precincts A and B?

    One of the key proposed changes to Local Planning Policy 3.9 is to introduce two precincts within the AMC to guide acceptable land use.

    Precinct A:

    • Will protect viability of key strategic infrastructure such as common user facility;
    • Located near waterfront, includes common user infrastructure;
    • All users required to be directly associated with marine, defence and resources projects.

    Precinct B:

    • Will provide some flexibility for uses not directly associated with marine, defence or resources sector where they do not jeopardise the future of the AMC;
    • WIll provide for land uses associated with/supporting the delivery of goods and services for the marine, resources and defence sector.

    Who will be impacted by the proposed changes?

    The proposed changes to Local Planning Policy 3.9 will apply when:

    • A new development is proposed within the AMC;
    • A change in land use is proposed within the AMC.

    The proposed changes will not affect existing businesses in the AMC (unless the business applies for a change in land use or a new development).

    Land owners wanting to develop their land, or change the use of their land/buildings, would need to prepare a development application showing how the proposed land use is consistent with the objectives and requirements of Local Planning Policy 3.9.