What are the aims of the Beale Park project?

    • Improve parking for game days and events. 
    • Improve player safety, extend training and playing hours by providing better lighting.
    • Maximise playing space through realignment of pitches.
    • Increase participation opportunities for female players and teams by providing unisex change rooms.
    • Increase participation by players of all abilities by providing accessible facilities.
    • A more functional and flexible clubroom and function space that can better cater to community needs.

    The City will also be upgrading the playground, ancillary infrastructure and incorporating public artwork to enhance community use. The aim of this consultation is to seek feedback on these elements to shape the concept design.

    How has the need for this project been identified and assessed?

    The need to upgrade the facilities at Beale Park was originally identified in 2018. 

    The City undertook a needs assessment and community and stakeholder engagement to inform the development of the Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan 2018-2033 and the Western Suburbs Sporting Precinct Study.

    Why are the upgrades needed?

    Beale Park is one of Cockburn's largest sporting reserves and is the premier soccer facility in Cockburn. 

    The existing clubrooms are ageing, lacking in flexibility and functionality, and are in need of replacement. The upgrades will help the Cockburn City Soccer Club, based at Beale Park, better support and grow their membership.

    The population of the area surrounding Beale Park is expected to grow by 21,000 people by 2036. Upgrading the facilities at the site will cater to the expected population growth by providing the community with increased opportunities to participate in sport and physical activities.

    The upgrades are identified in the City's Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan and Western Suburbs Sporting Precinct Study, which were approved by Council in 2018 following extensive consultation with key stakeholders, clubs and community.  

    What plans are there for parking and traffic management?

    A key objective of the Beale Park Upgrades project is to improve parking. 

    On site bays will be increased to 185, and a further traffic and parking assessment will be carried out by a Traffic Engineer. 

    Feedback received during the initial consultation highlighted community concerns around verge parking. As a result, the draft master plan proposes trees be planted along Hamilton Road verge to prevent unauthorised parking. 

    The City has been working with the Department of Transport to progress the development of an expanded Safe Active Street (SAS) network, connecting key destinations in the City, improving pedestrian and cycling connectivity throughout Spearwood and Hamilton Hill, and reducing vehicle speeds along these streets through traffic calming road treatments. Kent Street in Spearwood is proposed to be included as part of this expanded network, which would see a number of improvements and treatments to the street to make it more bike and walk friendly.

    What upgrades are being proposed at Beale Park?

    Parking, access, egress and sporting infrastructure upgrades were approved in 2018 as part of the high level master plan in the Western Suburbs Sporting Precinct Study. These include:

    • Reorientation of the existing soccer pitches. This will increase the number of senior pitches to seven (includng six full size pitches and one meeting minimum requirements) – all in north-south orientation.
    • Sports lighting upgrades to service all pitches. 
    • Centrally located new clubroom facility, with function space of 260m².
    • Six unisex change rooms.
    • External and internal storage areas.
    • Improved carparking and access and egress, including 185 bays.
    The next step is to develop a concept design, and to do so we need to consider upgrades to the playground, ways to incorporate public art and upgrades to ancillary infrastructure. Have your say to help shape these additional upgrades.  

    What consultation has been undertaken for this project to date?

    In 2018, the City of Cockburn undertook extensive community engagement as part of the development of the Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan and Western Suburbs Sporting Precinct Study. A high-level draft master plan for Beale Park upgrades was included for comment.

    The community engagement process included:

    • More than 100 meetings with community and club representatives
    • 16 stakeholder workshops with over 200 attendees
    • Over 900 online surveys
    • Over 3,000 comments and feedback received throughout the process
    • Hundreds of telephone conversations with community representatives

    Following Council's 2018 approval of a high level master plan for the sporting grounds and clubroom building, we asked for your help in shaping the new playground, public artwork and ancillary infrastructure that will form part of the upgraded Beale Park. Over 300 people visited the project page and comments were received from over 50 people, mostly from the Spearwood or wider City of Cockburn area. These included:

    • Locals value Beale Park as a space to exercise, walk their dog, and visit the playground. Some respondents have noticed potential Carnaby Cockatoo roosting sites, and these are also highly valued.
    • Nature themed artwork is preferred, potentially featuring local flora and fauna. Ideas included artwork that is interactive for children, or that is incorporated into the design of buildings and assets.
    • It is important that play spaces are shaded, accessible, have seating and are close to residents, drink fountains and toilets. Comments also highlighted a desire for playground fencing.
    • Play spaces for young children were of particular interest, with swinging, jumping, climbing and sliding among the activities most enjoyed. Nature themed playgrounds are preferred, with equipment such as flying foxes, swings, monkey bars and ninja ropes.
    • Drink fountains, shade, BBQs and picnic tables are elements important to the way visitors spend time at Beale Park.
    • As Cockburn's premier soccer facility, Beale Park attracts a lot of locals and visitors. Improved parking and traffic management are important considerations.
    • Whilst outside of the scope of this project, dog management is an important matter to some. However, there are contrasting thoughts on how this should be done. Dog management is to be undertaken in accordance with the City's Animal Management Plan 2020-2025.

    What were the findings from previous community consultation?

    • The sporting clubs required a replacement clubhouse, improved drainage, lighting across the whole of the reserve, and improved off-road car parking.
    • The community priority for investment was toilets, changing rooms, lighting, seating and general ambience.
    • There was strong support for the draft master plan.

    What environmental assessments have been undertaken?

    Carnaby's Cockatoos are an endangered species and confirmed roosting sites must be managed in compliance with relevant legislation. The City takes its environmental responsibility seriously and has engaged external consultants to further investigate environmental considerations for the proposed development, including potential roost sites at Beale Park.

    The outcomes of these investigations will help to inform an updated concept design for the site and clubrooms, to accommodate the increasing number of children and families participating in sport, while also aiming to avoid or minimise any impacts to Carnaby’s Cockatoo habitat.

    The City’s external consultants will also help identify any required federal referral to the Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

    What does the proposed lighting include?

    Currently, not all pitches have adequate lighting, limiting time available for use. Upgraded lighting will enable greater opportunities for organised sporting activities to be undertaken. The sports lighting will be designed in accordance with Australian Standards, which includes requirements around control of obtrusive light.

    Why does the City need my input?

    The City of Cockburn is committed to seeking community and stakeholder input at each stage of the redevelopment process, to ensure the reserve meets the needs the local community and those who will be using it. The project is progressing to the concept design phase and we need your feedback to help shape the playground upgrades, public artwork and ancillary infrastructure.

    I have more questions about the project. Who can I ask?

    Phone the City of Cockburn on 08 9411 3444 (office hours) or email customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au

    What plans are there for the war memorial?

    The war memorial will remain untouched. The memorial is on a separate parcel of land to Beale Park and therefore is not part of this particular project. 

    How will the project be funded?

    • Development Contributions - $2.4m
    • State Government Grant (Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund) - $1M
    • Municipal Funds - $5.7m 

    What is considered public art?

    Council policy requires all development proposals over $1M to set aside a minimum of 1% of the total project cost for the development of artworks on the subject land which reflect the place, locality and/or community. 

    Artworks may include:
    (a) building features and enhancements such as bicycle racks, gates, benches, lighting, fountains, playground structures or shade structures which are unique and produced by a professional artist;
    (b) landscape art enhancements such as walkways, bridges or art features within a garden; (c) murals, tiles, mosaics or bas-relief covering walls, floors and walkways;
    (d) sculpture which can be freestanding or wall-supported in durable materials suitable for the site; and
    (e) fibreworks, neon or glass art works, photographs, prints and any combination of media including sound, film and video systems.