September 2016

Main Roads WA rejects City's request to install Keep Clear markings

The City sought approval from Main Roads WA to install Keep Clear markings on the road to delineate the driveway access into the service station to warn drivers approaching along the left turn slip lane of possible conflict with vehicles turning from Berrigan Drive. This proposal was rejected on the grounds that the driveway into the service station was a private driveway and such pavement marking is only approved as part of intersection line marking.

December 2016

City installs temporary median strip

The City installed a temporary median strip to minimise accidents by preventing the right turn into the service station and right turn into the medical practices. Woolworths Group, which oversees the service station, and the medical practices protested strongly about the impact on their businesses.

January 2017

Main Roads WA approves installation of Keep Clear markings

A site meeting between the City and Main Roads WA revisits the City’s proposal for the Keep Clear markings. This was approved by Main Roads WA on the condition that Council provide a 12-month review of its effectiveness in addressing safety concerns.

09 February 2018

Consultation closes

10 May 2018

Item discussed at Council meeting