How much waste gets recycled?

    In 2020, 2,500 tonnes of general waste was disposed of in landfill. 

    94% of verge collections went to landfill that same year as only 6% could be recycled.

    How can we improve recycling?

    One way to improve recycling is by separating waste when placing out for collection. 

    When waste is put in a pile, the recyclables cannot be safely removed. For example, if a heavy TV cabinet is placed on top of a mattress, the mattress cannot be safely retrieved. Only 6% of verge collections could be recycled in 2020. 

    How do we reduce waste to landfill?

    The City reduces verge waste going to landfill by having separate trucks collecting mattresses, steel, white goods and E-Waste for recycling. Waste separation helps to improve recycling rates.

    Can mattresses be recycled?

    Mattresses are problematic in landfills as they can make their way to the surface and they take up a lot of space. Mattresses can be recycled into carpet underlay (from the material) and new steel (from the springs). The City pays per mattress to be recycled.

    What is the Reuse Shop?

    The Reuse Shop at Henderson Waste Recovery Park gives household items, which would have previously been crushed under a landfill compactor, a new lease of life. Landfill staff remove items from waste dropped off at Henderson Waste Recovery Park, check for their re-use potential, and then value and display them for sale at the Reuse Shop. People who may miss the annual junk verge collection can take items to the Reuse Shop for the cost of a trailer pass or standard entry fee when delivering other waste. 

    Some items that are not sold at the Reuse Shop are donated, such as adult bicycles which are donated to Bicycles for Humanity WA (B4H). B4H are a non-profit organisation that uses donated bikes to alledviate poverty through sustainable transport. Visit the B4H website to find out where you can donate your old bike.

    Do we work with other organisations to re-use and recover items?

    The City works with Soft Landing, a contractor not-for-profit and certified social enterprise, who create meaningful jobs for people experiencing barriers to employment. They recover components of the mattress and bases for recycling. 

    Are there other ways of doing verge collections?

    WALGA and the Western Metropolitan Regional Council have looked at other bulk waste removal services in Perth and across Australia. 

    Examples include a scheduled service (our current service), bookable service, skip bins, and trailer passes. 

    A bookable verge collection service has shown to increase recycling/resource recovery, reduce collection costs and provide a more convenient service for the ratepayers. 

    The City of Swan, Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park, Shire of Peppermint Grove, Town of Cambridge have transitioned to a bookable system.

    We want to hear your views and what you value in a verge collection system.