What is the Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan (CSRFP)?

    The Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan outlines the City of Cockburn's current and future facility needs (valued over $500,000). To create the plan, the City considers community feedback alongside technical criteria like demographic analysis, site audits, town planning information, recreation trends, and provision guidelines.

    What facilities does the CSRFP include?

    The CSRFP outlines what facilities we need in terms of:

    • Libraries 
    • Arts and cultural facilities
    • Sporting facilities, reserves, and club rooms
    • Community centres and halls
    • Skate parks, BMX, and pump tracks
    • Specialised community facilities (e.g. Men's Sheds, Seniors Centres, Youth Centres, Surf Life Saving)

    The following are not part of the CSRFP:

    • Transport infrastructure (e.g. public transport, footpaths, road and cycle networks, etc.)
    • Streetscapes, local parks and open spaces (e.g. dog exercise areas, park furniture, playgrounds, bushland etc.)
    • Community services (e.g. waste management, community events, etc.)
    • Private developments, businesses, and services (e.g. shops, restaurants, childcare centres, etc.)
    • State-owned facilities (e.g. schools, Police, health services, etc.)

    When was the most recent CSRFP created?

    The most recent CSRFP was created in 2018. However, the City is currently reviewing the plan to ensure that it remains relevant and responsive to the needs of our growing community. For more information on the previous CSRFP, please visit www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/Recreation-and-Attractions.

    What new facilities or upgrades have been completed since the previous CSRFP?

    • Lakelands Hockey and Sporting Facility in South Lake (2019)
    • Treeby Community and Sports Centre in Treeby (2022)
    • Frankland Park Sports and Community Facility in Hammond Park (2022)
    • Radiata Park in Aubin Grove (2022) 
    • Goodchild Park in Hamilton Hill (2022)

    Which new facilities or upgrades in the previous CSRFP are currently in progress?

    Some of the projects in progress include:

    • Aboriginal Visitors and Cultural Centre in Bibra Lake: The City is currently in consultation with First Nations stakeholders while preparing detailed designs.
    • Beale Park in Spearwood: The City is currently in consultation with the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water while preparing detailed designs.
    • Dixon Park and Wally Hagan Basketball Stadium in Hamilton Hill: An Aboriginal and early European heritage study has been completed, and consultation with First Nation stakeholders is ongoing in accordance with the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2021.
    • Santich Park in Lake Coogee: Community consultation is complete, and detailed designs are underway.
    • Beeliar Reserve in Beeliar: Community consultation is currently underway.
    • Tempest Park in Coolbellup: Community consultation is currently underway.

    Should you have questions on a specific project, please contact the City on 9411 3444.

    Which projects from the previous CSRFP will the City consider in the new plan?

    The City will likely consider most of the projects proposed in the last plan for the new plan. However, this will depend on further research, information, and community feedback, which could reshape priorities. We appreciate your input in this process and invite you to share your feedback. Find out how to participate below.

    How does the City prioritise projects?

    During the plan’s development, the City will undertake a prioritisation assessment. This includes things like:

    • Health and safety requirements
    • Gaps in provision
    • Asset condition (if existing)
    • Utilisation (current and projected)
    • Eligibility for external funding 
    • Return on investment (e.g. will the project address the needs of various groups and improve community outcomes)
    • Functionality/fit for purpose assessment
    • Community feedback.

    How are upgrades or new facilities funded?

    The City may fund projects in various ways, such as municipal contributions, developer contributions, community organisations, and external grants.

    What feedback is the City seeking?

    The City is seeking feedback to better understand community needs in regards to community, culture, and recreation facilities. Specifically, we want to know:

    • Which facilities currently meet your needs?
    • Which facilities need improvement?
    • Which facilities do not currently exist but should be considered for development?

    How can I participate?

    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the consultation process. The City will consider community feedback alongside the technical criteria when preparing the new Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan. You can have your say in any of the following ways by 4pm, Monday 3 April 2023:

    • Online: Visit comment.cockburn.wa.gov.au/csrfp2023 to pin your ideas on our vision map, join in community conversations or complete a survey.
    • Hard copy survey: Available at all Cockburn libraries (Coolbellup, Spearwood, and Success) and Administration Building (9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood). Follow the return instructions on the form.
    • Email: comment.cockburn.wa.gov.au
    • Post: City of Cockburn, PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC WA 6965 
    • In person: Visit us at a drop-in session.
      • Saturday, 11 March, 9am – 3pm at Cockburn Gateway Shopping City (near Australia Post)
      • Thursday, 16 March, 9am – 12pm at Success Library
      • Thursday 16 March, 4pm – 7pm at Cockburn ARC
      • Tuesday 21 March, 9am – 12pm at Spearwood Library
      • Thursday 23 March, 4pm – 7pm at Phoenix Shopping Centre