1. What is a digital strategy?

    Data and technology continue to change how Australians live, work and prosper.

    The City has been on a digital transformation journey for many years but needs to set a strategic direction.

    We know that technology and the use of data improves business efficiencies, improves customer service, improves decision making, and improves asset and resource management.

    We also know that the management of data to ensure privacy and security is critical.

    2. What digital work has the City done to date?

    The City has been using technology to improve customer service and efficiencies for many years but here are four examples:

    SmartRates(External link) – a more manageable way to pay your rates

    • Ratepayer fills in online form
    • Online system retrieves key data from form
    • Instantly establishes a personalised payment plan for their rates, using key data entered into system
    • Automatically updates the payment plan every 12 months with new amounts (unless ratepayer opts out)


    • Sign up to receive your rates on line
    • Set and forget convenience for user

    Online Planning and Building applications

    • Paperless system – saving in excess of 100,000 pieces of paper a year
    • Providing faster approvals

    Website forms

    • Many forms are online forms with more being converted all the time
    • The majority of grant applications are now online