1. What's the review about?

    The review summarises the process of developing the main outputs from the City of Cockburn strategic district transport model (CDTM) divided into more than 100 traffic zones.

    The zoning system is adapted from the Main Roads WA Regional Operations Model (ROM) with some zones split to reflect land use based on current data and future changes as reflected in the Metropolitan Regional Scheme, the City of Cockburn Town Planning Scheme and approved structure plans.

    The CDTM is a two-step model encompassing demand generation and assignment. A 2016 base year model was developed to calibrate with parameters using existing traffic count information to confirm that the model is fit for purpose.

    Once calibrated and validated the model was used to forecast future changes to traffic volumes associated with changes to land use. Forecast demand on the City of Cockburn’s road network is considerable to 2021 and 2031.

    There is considerable development planned within the City boundaries that will generate significant traffic demand. In order to determine the point at which more capacity is required to allow more traffic to pass through a road or intersection, the volume to capacity ratio is used.

    The levels of service range from A to F, which relate to volume to capacity ratios and are defined by qualitative measures describing operational conditions within a traffic stream.

    2. What scenarios are considered in the review?

    Two future year scenarios – 2021 and 2031 have been analysed. 

    For each future year scenarios, two road network scenarios have been modelled:

    • Do nothing – the road network is as per year 2016.
    • Do minimum – current network plus Main Roads committed road improvements.
    • Do Something 1 - City of Cockburn Preferred Network as per the City of Cockburn Regional & Major Roadworks 2016 – 2030 V9 and Main Roads committed road improvements projects.
    • Do Something 2 – additional scenarios requested to be investigated by City of Cockburn.