Suggest a place for a fenced dog park and put your case forward here

by deanie, almost 3 years ago
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  • rmartin almost 3 years ago
    Why do they need to be fenced off? I would vote to leave as is without a fenced off area. There comes a point where people need to be responsible for their dogs and I believe most dog owners are. For the small minority that dont I dont think that it would justify the cost.
  • Eagle Master almost 3 years ago
    Why fence us in?

    What benefits does it provide?

    You know your dog; you live with your dog.

    Some dogs are safe sensible intelligent controllable and able to interact with others; some are not.

    You know that.

    If your dog is not capable of walking safely in an area do not take him or her; or use a lead.

    Many places/countries/ councils on our planet have very open views to animals and the freedom of the people.

    Australia is by its nature becoming more and more restrictive in action and attitude.

    Here we are being asked once again to suggest another box to put us and our pets in; why?

    It is much cheaper to have open areas where if your dog is safe to play, where you can play. Most parks are empty places because we the people are not allowed to use them with our pets.

    Look at the beaches you want people to use the beach; make it a dog beach it is instantly busy.

    Make parks free they will be instantly busy.

    If you know that your dog is not safe; it is sad, but get another dog.
    Do not buy that breed again. But by one bad example do not impose that on the rest of the dog world.
  • Carmel almost 3 years ago
    Coogee at the back of Christine Crescent between there and Ocean Road. Land not being used. Many dogs in Coogee area. But no fully fenced parks to work with dogs off lead and train safley
  • Kellie Bauer-Simpson almost 3 years ago
    Visko Park, the enormous POS on Beeliar Drive in Yangebup, adjacent to Birchley Drive surely has enough space to include a fenced off dog excercise areas. Such areas are lacking in the Munster/Yangebup precincts also.
  • Killer almost 3 years ago
    Hammond Park appears to have a lot of mentions but doesn't appear to have met the shortlist? Could this be reviewed please? Thanks Rich
  • DyannP almost 3 years ago
    Atwell - The western side of the lake where the skate park is on Tapper rd (the Haring green side). It already has parking and plenty of grassed space.
  • NMac about 3 years ago
    Dog park Aubin Grove:- could a section of Banksia Eucalypt Woodland Park, Aubin Grove not be turned into a fenced off doggy park.?
  • Effie about 3 years ago
    I have a few questions
    1. What is the area of these two dog exercise areas?

    2. How many signs & doggie bag dispensers will the city be erecting for these dog exercise areas?

    3. Will non-dog walkers be allowed to recreate in these dog exercise areas?
    4. What other fixtures ( eg water fountains) will be erected for these dog exercise areas?
    5. Of what will the tracks be made? eg Bitumen
    6. How many trees ( if any) will be cut down?
    7. Will the dog exercise areas be fenced?
    8. What is the city trying to achieve by installing these 2 dog exercise areas?

    thank you

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    • deanie about 3 years ago
      1. What is the area of these two dog exercise areas? To be determined, once the City finds out whether a fenced dog park is supported at this location
      2. How many signs & doggie bag dispensers will the city be erecting for these dog exercise areas? It is anticipated that standard signage for each dog area and one dog bag dispensers will be installed.
      3. Will non-dog walkers be allowed to recreate in these dog exercise areas? Yes
      4. What other fixtures ( eg water fountains) will be erected for these dog exercise areas? A dual purpose water fountain will be installed and dog agility units (similar to the one installed at other fenced dog exercise areas.
      5. Of what will the tracks be made? eg Bitumen Not sure what you mean by tracks. The fenced dog parks are grassed.
      6. How many trees ( if any) will be cut down? No trees will be cut down.
      7. Will the dog exercise areas be fenced? Yes
      8. What is the city trying to achieve by installing these 2 dog exercise areas? Responding to community demand for places to exercise their dogs
  • Kris about 3 years ago
    Hope road opposite the lake near the power lines, or where it is already fenced opposite the lake in Progress, it says on the lead, its a good walk around the trees. a good area to let the dogs run, I have tried most of the fenced areas so now drive to the soccer oval at Melville or Samson Park where dogs get a good run plenty of bags and water.
  • Kim taylor about 3 years ago
    I've heard recently that there was a purpose area in Manning park many years ago for a well needed fenced off dog park and still nothing has been done about it? Why? So many families visit this park all year round and to exercise the dog before or after their walk or picnic etc would mean that more dog owners will leave their dog on a lead where they are surpoed too!!! many thanks kim
  • diana rose about 3 years ago
    Dogs need off lead areas & given the number of pooches at Manning Park, I suggest a fenced off enclosure at the southern end of the lake on the south side of Azelia Rd, near Gorham way. There is sufficient space here if the enclosed area goes up to the fence around the old Manning ruins. Too many folk let their dogs off lead without control in the park area around the lake. Particularly concerning re the waterbirds & at this time when they are nesting & their young appear to forage off the lakeside grasses etc. Also, as an environmental issue, I don't believe the Beelair bushland at the western side of the lake is suitable for dogs off lead. There are too many critters, like the ?netted, or is it the bearded dragon which I've seen in this area 20 years ago, now rarely seen. Also snakes, mainly dugite that inhabit this area. Let's leave some of the bushland for these creatures to exist without harassment. Appreciate this forum for input.
  • diana rose about 3 years ago
    Unfortunately, I've witnessed too many dogs off lead at Manning Park, running into the lake and chasing birds & water birds inhabiting the lake & surrounds
  • Daniel Branco about 3 years ago
    Manning Park has great open spaces, also Bibra lake will be great!
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    • Lou Corteen about 3 years ago
      As much as I love walking my dog around these two beautiful lakes, I don't think this is a good idea as some dogs would disturb wildlife at the lakes. My dog is a bit too much of a boof head to ever catch anything, but he would definitely run into the lake chasing birds and possibly disturb nesting birds, turtles and other critters finding precious refuge at these spots.
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      • Daniel Branco about 3 years ago
        the council is intending to build an enclosed fenced off area...
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        • Lou Corteen about 3 years ago
          doh. yes it is.
  • Lou Corteen about 3 years ago
    Goodchild park in Hamilton Hill is crying out to be a fenced dog park. Every afternoon/evening, dozens of locals gather there to exercise their dogs [and themselves]. The park is a sporting ground, however, there are a couple of great examples of sporting fields doubling as dog exercise areas in the City of Fremantle [Stephens reserve] and City of Melville [Frank Gibson Park]. Both of these parks are very well used by the sporting bodies that play and practise there but are equally well used by the community when sport is not on.
    Goodchild park is a fantastic place for a fenced dog exercise area because it is already used as a dog exercise area. At the moment those dogs are not allowed 'off lead'. There is plenty of evidence to demonstrate the benefit of enabling dogs to socialise of lead.
    I urge the City to consider increasing the number of dog exercise areas in ALL suburbs, not just the ones listed. There are so many benefits and with increasing density in the older parts of the City such as Hamilton Hill and Coolbellup, it is important to upgrade facilities that enhance social and environmental sustainability.
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
  • Jordie about 3 years ago
    What about Hamilton Hill ?
    We do have Manning Lake but dogs have to be on Leads.
    as you enter reserve Soccer Club end, the Grassed area to the left is never used by anyone,
    Would make a Great Area for Dogs to Play.
  • Janeller about 3 years ago
    I would like to see one in Atwell or Aubin Grove but there needs to be adequate parking and seating inside. Considering how many dogs do their business on the grass inside these areas, I wouldn't want to sit on it. Also dog water in each area and the best off lead areas have plenty of shade and trees inside. I'm not a fan of the new one at Calleya. The Jandakot one is great though.
  • Philip about 3 years ago
    I am not keen about having such a facility at Bibra Lake as it is a high quality conservation and recreation site. Perhaps it could go on the cleared land east of Bibra Drive. If you do decide to place it on the old tip site at the southern end of Bibra Lake the whole area should be landscaped and revegetated to screen the dog exercise area from the other users of the reserve. adequate off road parking will be needed and some facilities for dog owners (eg toilets, shade, picnic tables and rubbish bins)
  • Miles Carpenter about 3 years ago
    Coolbellup is full of Dog owners and there are thriving social groups that connect regularly if not daily at all parks throughout Coolbellup. This interaction created by dog ownership crosses all demographics and creates a stronger community. We need to be out socialising more not less, more people out makes for a safer environment for all.
    I have been exercising my dogs for 12 years every day, at these parks and sporting ovals, and have only ever been welcomed by all I meet, and have met many locals I would never have met if I were to drive to a pen in another suburb every day.
    I agree dogs that do not behave orderly be kept on leads at all times and be restricted to the fenced areas. This could be recorded on their micro chips and be scanned easily by rangers.
    I'd say 70% of people using these parks, (excluding a couple of hrs a week sport training and weekend games at the 2 sporting ovals), are people out with their dog.
    In summary I see no clash of interest with dogs at parks and suggest we practice tolerance and learn to share communal spaces with other community members. What next, no frisbees, no kites, I got hit with a ball, should we ban ball activities.
  • Shane gow about 3 years ago
    Port Coogee has a very high dog ownership and no where to let dogs off lead. Everybody is driving their dogs to other suburbs which is just plain bad for the environment and waist lines. Very poor planning that needs to be addressed
  • Cheryl DIXON about 3 years ago
    The area under the power lines in Briggs Street, South Lake, East side or West side. Cannot be used for any other purpose. Dumping of illegal rubbish causes fires in the long hot summers. This area has been ignored for so long
  • Peta56 about 3 years ago
    I'd like to see the open space under the high voltage power lines used for off lead dog areas, preferably in Hammond Park. We have lots of residents with dogs and it would be great to have something local. There's plenty of space to set up big areas for the furballs to run in and explore the vegetation.
  • Rose Peters about 3 years ago
    Durango Park, Aubin Grove would be ideal.
  • Nathan Calleja about 3 years ago
    Hammond Park needs a dog friendly park. I would suggest Duggan Park, Botany Park or some land under the power lines. Hammond Park is a large growing suburb with lots of families with dogs, but no space for dogs to run.
  • Carmel about 3 years ago
    There is land not being used for anything at the north side of Christine Crescent in Coogee. Between Christine Crescent and Ocean road Coogee. Ideal location could easily have two 1000 square metre enclosed parks. One for large dogs and another for small dogs. There are many housing developments in the Coogee Area.

    I have tried to put a marker on the map but the index covers the map so unable to mark map.
  • Deelee about 3 years ago
    Would love for an off the leash area in Hammond Park! I'm having to go to other areas and find that these suburbs have so much more community interaction.
  • Jimboy about 3 years ago
    I would also love to be able to let my dog off lead somewhere in Hammond Park. I would like to know why it has to be fenced though, my experience with fenced areas is that they tend to be too small and create conflict. Other suburbs have off lead ovals, Willagee for example has 2, why cannot Botany Oval be off lead? It's big enough to share?
  • Killer about 3 years ago
    Anywhere within walking distance of Hammond Park gets my vote, somewhere for the dogs to burn off some steam whilst having interaction with other dogs and owners means better behaved dogs generally as they can be trained within boundaries. In such a growth area such as Hammond Park this really will be a boon. So in short yes please!
  • pcoopes about 3 years ago
    Hammond Park desperately needs a fenced dog area!!! We want to be able to walk our dog and the kids there not drive to neighbouring suburbs.
  • Renae2 about 3 years ago
    The area under the powerlines on Briggs St in South Lake is an ideal place. The land is unable to be developed for any other purpose and there are loads of families with dogs in that area that will utilise it. It will also discourage illegal dumping and help improve the aesthetics of the area
  • Carlie about 3 years ago
    The land next to baler crt under the power lines. Hammond Park is turning into a large suburb and there are no facilities for dogs to be offleash anywhere in the suburb.
  • Murray about 3 years ago
    Could we please get the new off leash area at the corner of Bluebush Ave and Gecko Tce, Beeliar fenced. Great to have an off leash area but located on a main road without a fence leaves it unsuitable for many owners.
  • DianneD about 3 years ago
    Durango Park, Aubin Grove
  • Marissa D'Andrea about 3 years ago
    A section of Milgun reserve (closer to the Yangebup Rd side)
  • Ben Stacey about 3 years ago
    The bushland area at Woodmans Point should be listed as an off the lead area, also the bushland area at Manning Park. There is not enough off the lead areas within the Cockburn Council and the ones we have are such small areas. We have experienced aggressive dogs on a number of occasions in these areas and as a result, stay away from them all together. I appreciate and respect those that do not own dogs and wish to enjoy Woodmans Point and Manning Park without unleashed animals, hence why I am suggesting the bushland area only.
  • Patrick Lawler about 3 years ago
    Powell reserve. Currently has a high number of people that take their dogs there already. Has access to water also
  • Phil Charles about 3 years ago
    South lakes under the power lines is perfect, we have used most of the parks in the area now, they need to make sure there is at least 2 water points in the big dog park
  • katiejones about 3 years ago
    Sounds great. Well done Cockburn Council
  • Jess about 3 years ago
    South Lake under the power lines. The area between Berigan Dr and Briggs has had petitions placed in the past to redevelop similar to Berigan-Elderberry. It is flat land, easy to transform. There is a water well there from memory too and as it's on a main road it would make a big visual difference and attract a lot of people.
    If this land is unavailable then anything under the power lines is a perfect use of the land.
  • Nan about 3 years ago
    Beeliar (Meve) is badly in need of a dog park however the suggested park on Bluebush is way too small, no parking, no fence and as it is a sump area becomes waterlogged in heavy rain. The only open space nearby is the oval. A portion of this needs to be fenced off for dogs. There is space that could be fenced, that won't interfere with the sporting clubs or school activities. With so much of the community owning dogs that need to be exercised and socialised , its great that the council is looking at more dog parks.
  • marnie about 3 years ago
    South Lake under power lines in between Elderberry and South Lake Drive.
    Great area and fencing the area would also stop off road motor bikes tearing through there as a short cut
  • lemily1302 about 3 years ago
    South Lake - powerlines section off Elderberry - completely wasted land
  • Kim Gilchrist about 3 years ago
    South Lake under powerlines near Apara Court.
  • Ang Hayter about 3 years ago
    Beale Park Spearwood,
  • Nicholas Trevor about 3 years ago
    It is a positive that CC is asking for feedback especially for off lease areas given much of the state forrest is off limits which is disappointing.

    For Atwell, Brenchley Park (opposite Atwell oval) and Aubin Grove, Durango Park (where the City could fence the boundary of the park) seem appropriate.

    The key for it to be worth while is for the area to be big enough especially for larger dogs. The Jan Hammond park is well visited and a reasonable size (unlike trey which is very small. Jan hammond will struggle to keep its grass and predict it will turn to sand ( hope I am wrong) so I suggest the areas should be as large as practicable.
  • jacqueline mazzer about 3 years ago
    I agree with the area opposite the retirement village as it is large enough space and has great potential. However, my only concern is that I often see tortoises moving across this area during the egg laying season.
    What are the anticipated issues affecting the tortoise breeding if a dog exercise area was to go ahead and what would be put in place to educate dog owners (myself included) on how to minimise our impact?
  • STEVE PILK about 3 years ago
    Under the power lines between Gaebler Rd and Baler Ct. Wasted ground, look at South Lake for what can be done.
    Hammond Park is a large and growing suburb with lots of dog walkers and zero facilities for exercising them.