1. Tell me more about the timing for construction of Coogee Coast oval

    We're intending to fund the Cockburn Coast Oval project in several stages, including:

    ·  2019/20 Oval design

    ·  2020/21 Oval delivery

    ·  2024/25 Club room design

    ·  2025/26 Land purchase and club room delivery

    The City’s intent is to negotiate a lease with Landcorp to enable the delivery of the oval.

    2. Are you planning a skate park for Radiata Park in Aubin Grove?

    Yes, funding for a skate park has been proposed for 2020/21. The City will consult residents on the desirability of a skate park, as that date nears.

    A skate park in Aubin Grove has been identified as a key recreational activity through the Public Open Space Strategy 2014-2024 and Community, Sport and Recreation Facility plan.

    Radiata Park was selected as the preferred location due to its classification as a neighbourhood park under the Strategy due its central location, existing park amenities and infrastructure to support a skate park.

    Initially planning for this project has resulted in funds being identified within Public Open Space Cash-In-Lieu Expenditure Plan Jan 2018-Dec 2020 which was adopted by Council in late 2017.

    As each project enters the concept and feasibility stage further consultation will be undertaken with the local community to ensure the project's viability and the scope matches the funds available.