What is a Local Government Inventory?

    The Local Government Inventory (LGI) is a register of places in the City of Cockburn that have heritage significance (or may have in the future).  Each place on the LGI is graded with a level of significance from A (being the most significant) to D (being places with little significance).  The most significant/important places (the A and B places) are then also included on the City’s Heritage List, to be protected under the Town Planning Scheme No. 3.

    What would it mean to include the buliding on the Local Government Inventory?

    All places on the LGI require development approval before they can be demolished.  Should the former Hamilton Hill Post Office be included on the LGI a development application would be required should there be any proposal for its demolition.

    The City of Cockburn’s Local Planning Policy 4.4 ‘Heritage Conservation Design Guidelines’ encourages the retention of ‘Management Category C Places’, however demolition may be supported.  An archival record would be required as a condition of development approval for demolition (ie. photos and plans of the building as a record).

    Where can I find a copy of the Local Government Inventory?

    The Local Government Inventory and further information regarding heritage in Cockburn can be found at www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/heritage