Traffic management

by deanie, about 3 years ago
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How can we improve traffic management around Lyon Road and the traffic lights? Tell us your experience driving, cycling or walking here, and your ideas about how it can be improved.

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Consultation has concluded

  • Adrian about 3 years ago
    I find that the turning lane (going into Lyon from Gibbs from the freeway) isn't long enough. Cars then block the lane going straight into Atwell. The right green arrow also isn't long enough, needs to be green for much longer.

    The green light for the traffic coming from Woolworths is far too short as well, sometimes you have to wait for 3 to 4 light cycles before you get your chance to use the intersection.

    I like the idea of removing the parallel parking spaces and making two lanes from it. The crossing there should be turned into an official pedestrian crossing because cars simply floor it from the roundabout to the traffic lights when they see a green light.

    I also like the idea that cars should be able to turn left from Lyon onto Gibbs quicker by having the pedestrian light (red man) turn off faster. It's true that pedestrians or cyclists presses the button only for them to jaywalk and therefore cars get a red arrow when there is no one there anymore. It should be like the city perhaps a flashing yellow light for cars turning. Also that turning lane is quite short during morning peak hour as well.
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    • iamluke about 3 years ago
      Yep, I think we need to remove pedestrians from the road, if possible. Possibly a sunken walkway/pedestrian/cycle crossing. It seems extreme, but the traffic there is not going to ease, and it is a major pivot-point for high-end traffic.
    • Sweetad19 about 3 years ago
      Flashing orange would be good. Then it's our responsibility to check for pedestrians before turning.
  • Popprinxess about 3 years ago
    Make the pedestrain crossing across Lyon near the Woolworths an official crosswalk. So many times one car will pause to let someone across, whilst the car going the other way does not. This makes the pedestrian nervous and hesitant, and the process of crossing the road takes twice as long as it should, frustrating all.
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    • Sweetad19 about 3 years ago
      There is a sign at either end of the walkway saying Pedestrians give was to vehicles so if all cars continued through and didn't wait for people to cross, there would be less congestion. I am a pedestrian there sometimes and I am more than happy to wait for the cars to pass. It makes more sense to me.
  • AmandaJH about 3 years ago
    I think a red light camera needs to be installed to stop people turning on the red light. I've seen soo many people from Lyon road turning left to the freeway go through the red light.
    Maybe a big give way to pedestrian sign?
  • Bella101 about 3 years ago
    Remove the street parking bays on either side of the road on the cafe strip. Make it double lane instead, especially when exiting Woolworths with a dedicated lane to turn right onto Gibbs rd, heading towards train station.
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    • iamluke about 3 years ago
      Priority/emergency/ACROD parking only, for these bays? As an alternative to removing them?
    • MrsD about 3 years ago
      Or even make the street one way only.
    • Jess1807 about 3 years ago
      A bit of congestion slows the traffic in the area, having two lanes in both directions will make it harder to cross/more dangerous for pedestrians and reduce the neighbouhood shop feel to the area. There is alternate options to access the area by car which do not take much longer.
  • MrsD about 3 years ago
    Drivers are ignoring the red arrow while they are waiting to turn left from Lyon onto Gibbs (to travel towards the freeway) when pedestrians have the green man to cross on the west side of the intersection. It is so dangerous. I don't know about other parts of the intersection.
    Also, it is really dangerous for cars heading south along Lyon turning into Twilight Mews after the lights - cars come flying around the corners from Gibbs and don't see cars indicating. Maybe Twilight Mews is too close to the intersection and should be closed, with traffic being diverted up to the next street on the right (Yale Way?) to access Twilight Mews that way?.....
  • ChezShave about 3 years ago
    Having a very wide intersection right next to the shops makes it dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross Lyon Rd. Cars are stopped for so long waiting for the lights to change that they speed up to get through on the orange. I thought I was safe to cross at the Woolies crossing and was nearly hit by a car that must have been doing 70kph. This area was meant to be pedestrian-friendly. It makes me anxious to cross the road now.
    Also, as a driver, I find it more difficult to come down through the shops to the lights - having to look out for the lights, cars stopped in front of it, pedestrians from the left, pedestrians that cars might have stopped for on the other side of the road.
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    • Bronwyn about 3 years ago
      I agree with this. I find the area very dangerous as a pedestrian and Lyon Road in particular is difficult to cross. I'm often walking with a pram and with the cars banked up at the lights it's impossible to cross at the two spots outside Woolworths that have ramps. I often have to wait for several light changes just to cross the road. I suggest installing a crosswalk so that there is somewhere safe for pedestrians to cross.
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      • Rose Peters about 3 years ago
        Yes I agree. Pedestrians must be protected.
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        • iamluke about 3 years ago
          Agreed. Possibly a sunken walkway/pedestrian/cycle crossing.Something to remove pedestrians from this intersection. The local primary school's catchment area goes south of Gibbs Rd, so there can be (and probably are) primary school-aged children crossing this road. And given the way the intersection is now, this highlights pedestrian safety concerns.
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          • iamluke about 3 years ago
            Or, the parents of kids at the primary school may be choosing to drive their cars to side-step any safety concern on crossing that intersection. Which just adds to the traffic.
          • Jo1982 about 3 years ago
            We are in the pocket of housing off Gibbs Road surrounded by the bush and although we are considered Aubin Grove, we fall into the Harmony PS catchment area in Atwell. Trying to cross Gibbs Road with the large amount of traffic that is definitely not doing the speed limit is very difficult. We end up stuck in the median strip with two young children with cars zooming past. Once people get through the three frustrating sets of traffic lights, they speed up and use the road as a race way to avoid the freeway and short cut through to Armadale. Very dangerous for Pedestrians.
    • MrsD about 3 years ago
      I agree. Drivers are ignoring the red arrow while they are waiting to turn left from Lyon onto Gibbs (to travel towards the freeway) when pedestrians have the green man to cross on the west side of the intersection. It is so dangerous. I don't know about other parts of the intersection.
  • Betty about 3 years ago
    It's dangerous when you drive pass the traffic light 2 lane merge to 1. Especially when people try to turn left to alliance entrance. I think it's better have 2 lanes on the road. And for the lyon road outside the woolies, it's better demolish the side parking change to 2 lanes. Otherwise it's always stuck from traffic light to the round about.
  • Nathan Calleja about 3 years ago
    This is poor traffic management by the City of Cockburn. They have known for years about the intersection upgrade, but they did not plan for the traffic increase. Street parking along Lyon Rd should have a time limit. There also needs to be turn in lanes and the traffic light turn arrow needs to stay green for longer.
  • iamluke about 3 years ago
    I think that the merge point on Gibbs Rd, immediately before Alliance Entrance, east-bound, needs to be relocated further to be after Alliance Entrance. Vehicles are slowing to an almost-stop to cater for other vehicles that turn into Alliance Entrance - a commonly used road. Also potentially have a dedicated left-hand lane entry into Alliance Entrance, before the merge point. The island in the middle of Gibbs Rd could potentially be modified to accommodate this change.
  • Cargle about 3 years ago
    The parking bays on lyon road between gibbs and alliance loop ( at the shops), also need to be given some thought... the amount of cars waiting and parallel parking, just increases the congestion at peak times.. maybe they could be limited for parking out of peak hours only?

    There needs to be another viable exit/entry into Woolworths...
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    • iamluke about 3 years ago
      I like the idea of limited/parking-within-time-periods. Possibly also emergency/priority/ACROD only bays? If they could swing another exit/entry somehow, possibly winding onto Gibbs closer to the freeway bridge, that would be fantastic. But, $$$.
  • JenQ about 3 years ago
    The merge point and left turn into Buggles / Drs heading east down Gibbs Rd is dangerous. A merge point at a very busy intersection where hundred of children are being dropped off is ludicrous. Also the traffic lights have congested this are. It worked better with a roundabout
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    • iamluke about 3 years ago
      I agree, the merge point needs to be re-located to be east of Alliance Entrance, possibly with a dedicated left-hand-lane entry into Alliance Entrance. Cars are floating into this merge point, with vehicles using late indication into Alliance Entrance, increasing the risk of using this part of the road.
  • Marchelle about 3 years ago
    I would like to remind everybody that back in 1990 this whole area was a baron horse paddock with nothing on it except the one farm house on the hill. From Armadale Rd heading south there was nothing, not even the freeway.
    How did our planners make a mess of a blank canvas, we now have congestion everywhere as Aubin Grovers travel through Atwell to reach Armadale Rd and everybody drives their car to the shop. Its a bit late to ask how to improve it when we have this situation from a blank canvas. My only suggestion would be to block Lyon road between the shops and make this pedestrian, people are not going to stop driving to the shop so we cannot improve the situation with the footprint that has been developed. Crazy ideas would be a 2/3/4 storey carpark, if not then a bridge for Lyon Rd so we can clear traffic quicker rather than sitting at the lights, make it 15 minute parking, add a bus station so people can use this instead of cars, charge single car occupants but car poolers park free, remove the park land and make more car parks who needs parkland, just sayin.
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    • iamluke about 3 years ago
      Possibly restrict to one-way (north-bound) traffic, instead of blocking the Lyon Road shopping-area traffic? Nice ideas, though.
  • Rom about 3 years ago
    Need to at least remove the parallel parking on the street. As they hold up traffic while people are trying to park. And increase time for turning right off Lyon to the overpass. Sometimes only 3 cars get to go through the green arrow. It was better when the roundabout was there. !!!!!!
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    • iamluke about 3 years ago
      Potentially making them priority/ACROD parking? Emergency parking may be needed at some point? Perhaps with bigger bays - 3 becomes 2? Potentially making them slightly deeper (curb edge to be further from roadside)?
  • Jeffery about 3 years ago
    The green traffic signals favour Gibbs Road too much, even when no vehicles are approaching the intersection. This extended green time is causing vehicles to bank up on Lyon Road on both the shops and south approaches. Their relatively short green period is not long enough to clear the waiting queue.
  • Rom about 3 years ago
    There is a sign either side of the road, one by the bakery and one by the icecream shop that informs pedestrians to give way to vehicles. That message is confusing because when you learn to drive is to give way to pedestrians ????. At times people don't know what to do, walk across or give way to vehicles. Better to place a proper cross walk so cars give way to pedestians
  • Steve Summerell about 3 years ago
    Build Roe 8 to get the traffic congestion off the freeway!
  • Pemberc about 3 years ago
    Make the turning left from Lyon Rd into Gibbs rd a dedicated lane without lights and no merging (there is 3 lanes already for this to happen) and a crosswalk for pedestrians which would mean making the left lane heading from gibbs rd towards the freeway a dedicated turning left lane so that it can't go forward towards freeway in this lane but only go into Lyon rd this lane will be as per light signals.
  • Caz156 about 3 years ago
    The lights leaving the shopping centre need to be green longer, especially during peak hours. Most issues are during peak hours Monday thru Friday . Also its frustrating during peak hours that traffic is at a stand still because pedestrians push the button and then cross but not on a light change or green man, but because there is a break in the traffic, then when the lights change traffic is stopped because they previously pushed the button. Happens all the time, not sure if a foot bridge is possible or not, but would stop this happening.
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    • Cargle about 3 years ago
      I agree its very frustrating when turning left from Lyon Road onto Gibbs road, and there are pedestrians crossing gibbs road at the lights... They use the push to walk button which is correct and improves safety I know.... however this creates a red arrow for banked up traffic in the mornings... usually for the sake of a single pedestrian... and in most cases a pedestrian who doesn't even wait for the green man... .. due to the time waiting for the pedestrians, when traffic is able to flow again (with a green arrow) it only allows enough time for a few cars to go through... and in the morning peak hour, when loads of people are turning left out of lyon road onto gibbs , its very frustrating...
    • cainy82 about 3 years ago
      Yes, yes, yes!! Just make it like most lights in very busy areas such as the city, Green man for a few seconds, then green light to cars (cars giving way to pedestrians). This works fine in the city, and south perth.
  • Christopher about 3 years ago
    Drivers should be more aware of turn left rules also look at lights fromLyon Rd into Gibbs , I have seen numerous vehicles turn against the red light. Also right turn from Lyon [Woolworths ]onto Gibbs Rd ,needs altering to prevent drivers trying to beat the traffic lights, there have already been several incidents at these areas , wont be long before a serious accident occurs .
  • Kira2190 about 3 years ago
    Since the traffic lights have been installed, almost every red light causes the traffic to back up past the shops down Lyons Road and interferes with the flow of traffic through the roundabout. Green lights should be more frequent, at least in peak traffic.