1. Where is the Lakelands Hockey Development?

    The overall development of the Lakelands Hockey Project is on Lots 3028 and 100 (street numbers 84 and 106 respectively), South Lake Drive, South Lake. It is intended that one synthetic hockey pitch will be constructed on land owned by the Department of Education – WA (Lakelands Senior High School site), while construction of a multi-purpose facility and car park, as well as minor amendments on the park are to occur on Lakelands Reserve which is managed by the City. 

    2. Why has Lakelands Reserve been selected for development?

    The Fremantle Hockey Club currently operates on grass at Steven’s Reserve, Fremantle although has a number of teams who play on synthetic turf which is not available at their current location due to other regular users. In 2009, the City of Cockburn identified within is Sport and Recreation Strategic Plan that it expands its local facilities to support hockey within the Cockburn community. In that same year, Hockey WA released its State Sporting Strategic Facilities Plan identified a site on Prinsep Road, Jandakot to support a Hockey facility, however the Prinsep Road site is no longer available.

    Overall at least 16 sites were considered and Lakelands Reserve was chosen for the following key reasons:

    ·  There are existing parking facilities nearby the reserve which serviced the now decommissioned South Lake Leisure Centre.

    ·  There are no regular users on the reserve and currently it is only used as an overflow for cricket.

    ·  The site falls within the direct catchment area of the Fremantle Hockey Club

    ·  Ground conditions are amendable for the construction of the intended infrastructure.

    ·  Utilities are available to the site

    ·  The site is close to major road and rail infrastructure.

    3. How will this development be funded?

    The total estimated cost for this project is $6.53 million and agreements have been put in place for the following funding sources:

    ·  State Government Community Sporting and Facilities Fund - $1.25 million

    ·  Fremantle Hockey Club - $500,000

    ·  City of Cockburn $4.78 million ($1.7 million from the Developer Contributions Plan and $3.08 million of municipal funds)

    4. What impact will the development have on the residents and the community around the site?

    Given the South Lake Leisure Centre has been decommissioned, it is expected that their will be no increase in traffic to and from the site during hockey activities. Hockey activities will also occur outside of school hours, therefore no clash will occur in peak times along South Lake Drive. From a noise, light and any further activities, legislation requirements will be met in the final design and/or when activities are being approved by the City.

    5. What types of facilities are planned for the multi-purpose facility?

    Currently, plans for the multi-purpose facility include:

    ·  Function space

    ·  Office space

    ·  Meeting room

    ·  Kitchen

    ·  Changerooms (players and officals)

    ·  Toilets

    ·  Storage

    Please note, some of these areas are subject to change during the detailed design process. 

    6. How will the multi-purpose facility be managed and will I be able to obtain access?

    As part of the overall feasibility, it was determined that the Fremantle Hockey Club would lease a portion of the multi-purpose facility. As a result, bookings will be managed by the Club with details to be released at the end of construction. 

    Lakelands Reserve ovals will be booked and managed by the City. As a result, some public facilities will be made available in conjunction with organised reserve bookings and costs to hire will be determined at a later date.

    7. Will I still be able to access the reserve for informal recreation activities (such as walking, jogging etc)?

    Yes, the reserve will be made available for hire for sporting groups for training and competition, including specific arrangements for Fremantle Hockey Club. The reserve is also classified as a shared-use reserve, therefore during school hours the reserve is not available. In any case, informal activities can occur around the outside of the reserve or any spaces that are not booked, except during school times.

    8. How will the hockey pitches be managed? Will I be able to hire the hockey pitches?

    The Fremantle Hockey Club will be responsible for the management and booking of the hockey pitches as it is proposed as part of the lease arrangement, they will be responsible for a synthetic hockey pitch replacement fund. It is expected that hockey pitches will be available for hire, although rates, dates and times are yet to be determined.

    10. Will the hockey pitches be floodlit?

    It is planned that the synthetic hockey pitch will be floodlit consistent with the current Australian Standard (AS2560.2.7) to achieve a brightness of 500 lux. While there is an Australian Standard for brightness, there are also standards to incorporate and take into consideration the local amenity issues from obtrusive light (AS4282). This includes design features such as horizontal positioning and floodlight types.

    Therefore it is not anticipated that floodlighting will impact residents given these standards and the distance of the synthetic hockey pitch to surrounding houses. 

    11. Who is being consulted on this land excision?

    The City is directly consulting with:

    ·  Residents who live ‘x’ metres of Lakeland Reserve

    ·  Connecting South Lake

    ·  Lakeland Senior High School - School Board

    ·  Department of Education