What is the trial?

    Western Power and the City of Cockburn have come together to trial new LED streetlights on existing street light poles in selected Cockburn suburbs. 

    What is the aim of the trial?

    During the trial, existing street lights, which consist of old technology, will be replaced with modern LED lights in selected streets in Atwell and Spearwood. The LED lights will be retrofitted onto existing street light poles.

    The trial will provide Western Power and the City of Cockburn with insight for the potential replacement of Western Power street lights in Cockburn.

    Where is the trial happening?

    This trial is occurring in two City of Cockburn suburbs, Atwell and Spearwood. 

    The two suburbs were selected as they reflect both types of power infrastructure (underground and overhead).

    A selection of streets in Atwell and Spearwood have been identified for the trial so that a range of new LED types can be tested. 

    Atwell trial streets (parts of the following roads):
    Beenyup Road, Pindan Elbow, Avon Crescent, Lakehurst Way, Molloy Circuit, Jenniphur Court, Chivalry Way, Lyon Road, Congenial Loop, Balance Lane, Flourish Loop, Woodhead Way, Folland Parade, Nancarrow Way, Turnbull Close, St Claire Gardens, Freshwater Drive, Brenchley Drive, Mayhew Cross, Connolly Mews, Daley Court, Hedges Retreat, Haring Green, Dunnage Court, Kinship Way, Bartram Road & Bendee Drive.

    Spearwood trial streets (parts of the following roads):
     Gerald Street, Macmorris Way, Glendower Way, Gurney Road, Blunt Place, Bushy Road, Bolingbroke Street, Sussex Street, Hotspur Road, Edeline Street, Zlinya Circle, Mell Road, Bosnich Way, Newton Street, Ionesco Street, Fallow Crescent, Garden Road, Trellis Place, Daffodil Road, Marvell Avenue, Skeahan Street, Poins Place, Vernon Place, Kent Street, Leaside Way, Gerovich Way, Chesterton Street and Malcolm Street.

    When is the trial happening?

    The trial is expected to begin in December 2020 and be completed by March 2021. Feedback is invited until 31 March 2021.

    Why do the street lights need upgrading?

    Street light upgrades are being undertaken for a number of reasons:

    • A number of current light types are no longer available, especially the 80w and 125w mercury vapour lights. Manufacturing here and overseas is moving to LED lights only.
    • A coordinated move by both Western Power and the City of Cockburn to be more sustainable by reducing electricity consumption and the generation of carbon dioxide. This changeover will see a 50% reduction in CO2 production.
    • LED lights are longer lasting and retain the quality of the light for a longer period, reducing ongoing maintenance expenditure.
    • "Smartlights" – one of the trial's aims is to introduce smart-enabled lighting. These lights can alert Western Power when they fail, speeding up the replacement time.
    • Improved lighting enhances safety on our roads and in our neighbourhoods. Consultation with the Western Australia Police favours the introduction on the new LED street lighting.
    • LED street lighting is now being installed in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.
    • Western Power are currently installing LED lights on an ad-hoc basis and the proposed trial and replacement program will be the first retrofit program undertaken by Western Power and a council in WA.

    What's the difference between LED lights and existing street lights?

    Compared to existing street lights, LED street lights:

    • Are more focussed, ensuring more of the light shines onto the street and sidewalks, with less light spill into adjacent areas.
    • Provide a more uniform illumination of the area.
    • Are brighter.
    • Require less maintenance and last a lot longer than standard lighting.
    • Use about 30% less energy than current street lighting technology.
    • Reach full brightness instantly.
    • Contain no mercury or lead which is better for our environment.
    • Emit no UV rays or infrared radiation.
    • Operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a safer option.
    • Cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce landfill.

    Source: westernpower.com.au

    Are LEDs brighter than previous street lights?

    When compared to existing street lighting, LEDs may appear both brighter and whiter. This is largely due to the colour of the lights.

    Fortunately, the direct light from LEDs will minimise glare which also reduces light into and onto properties in most situations.

    Source: westernpower.com.au