Lifting of ‘Urban Deferment'’ – with WAPC for consideration

    The City of Cockburn advises that a concurrent application for the lifting of Urban Deferment has been lodged with the Western Australian Planning Commission. Lifting of Urban Deferred allows land to be considered for urban development. Before agreeing to the transfer of land from the urban deferred zone to the urban zone, the WAPC will require evidence, such as a draft structure plan, that: 

    • the land is capable of being provided with essential services and agreement has been reached between the developers and service providers with regard to the staging and financing of services; 
    • planning is sufficiently advanced to depict an acceptable overall design to guide future development; 
    • the proposed urban development represents a logical progression of development; 
    • regional requirements (such as regional roads, open space and public purposes) have been satisfied or provision made for them; and 
    • any constraints to urban development, including in relation to environmental, hazard and risk issues, can be satisfactorily addressed. 

    The WAPC will likely consider both the Proposed Structure Plan and Urban Deferment proposal concurrently, following the completion of the City’s assessment.

    Environmental Assessment

    The Environmental Protection Authority has advised it is assessing the proposal pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act 1986, and as such, landowners in the area may already be aware that consultation is being undertaken to assess the proposal’s environmental impacts. For further information on the environmental assessment, please contact the Environmental Protection Authority.