How was the draft playground design developed?

    Representatives from the PCCA established a playground working group, who contributed ideas and helped to draft a playground design. The City also considered feedback and preferences of the Children’s Reference Group. The playground has been designed in consideration of the project budget, site constraints and community needs.

    What are the key features of the draft playground design?

    The playground is designed with a natural look and feel that integrates with the existing landscaping and viewing deck. Key features include:

    • Shipwreck play space
    • Nature play elements 
    • Mini scooter path
    • Basketball hoop
    • Bridge and climbing net
    • Accessible nest swing and path
    • Playground fencing
    • Benches and seating
    • Vegetation planting

    Will the grassed area be retained?

    Yes, the grassed area will be retained. Beneath the grassed area is a concrete irrigation tank. The grassed area is unsuitable for a playground.

    Where will the playground be positioned?

    Due to the site constraints (i.e. underground irrigation tank), the playground needs to be positioned on the western most side of the park. Refer to the image below.

    What materials are included in the draft playground design?

    The design includes materials that are in keeping with a natural look and feel. Examples include limestone, timber, grass, mulch and limestone coloured concrete for paths.

    What soft-fall is proposed in the draft playground design?

    A combination of rubber and mulch soft-fall is proposed. Soft-fall mulch is preferred in most areas as unshaded rubber soft-fall can reach high ambient temperatures and is beyond the available budget. Sand is unsuitable due to the strong winds encountered at this location.

    Does the draft playground design include a fence?

    Yes. Community members preferred an enclosed playground for safety reasons.