1. What is the history of this name change?

In 2013, the City of Cockburn passed a resolution to approach the State Government to have a new suburb created, to be named “South Coogee”.

The City`s request was refused on the basis that it replicated the name of a suburb in New South Wales, thus raising the potential for confusion to be created because of this name duplication.

Since that time, a local resident group, the South Coogee Community Association (SCCA) has been formed. Its members are actively campaigning for an area to be named “Lake Coogee”, by excising it from the current locality of “Munster” which was allocated the name in 1954.

To support the name change, the SCCA circulated a petition for signing by any local residents. The City contacted absentee landowners and asked for their views.

2. What would the new boundaries be for the suburb of Lake Coogee?

The proposed new boundaries for Lake Coogee would be:

Northern Boundary – From Stock Road heading west along Beeliar Drive, connecting to Mayor Road and continuing west to the future Beeliar Drive (west) alignment until intersecting with Cockburn Road;

Western Boundary – South along Cockburn Road until intersecting with the northern boundary of Lot 837 (Water Corp property)

Southern Boundary – Heading East along the northern boundary of Lot 837 until intersecting with the western shore of Lake Coogee then head south – easterly (across the Lake) to the eastern shore of Lake Coogee until intersecting with the extension of the Korcula Court alignment, then heading east along the Frobisher Avenue alignment until intersecting with Rockingham Road

Eastern Boundary – Head north on Rockingham Road/Stock Road until intersecting with Beeliar Drive.

3. What was considered at Council's Ordinary Meeting on 9 May 2019?

On 9 May, at the Ordinary Council Meeting, Council considered the next steps in supporting a community campaign to change the name of part of Munster to Lake Coogee.

See the agenda here.