How many names were originally considered?


    Will the name of the new Fremantle Football Club facility be the same as the Recreation & Aquatic facility?

    No. The two facilities will be in the same location but will operate separately, therefore the Fremantle Football Club will name their own facility in due time.

    What will the new Recreation & Aquatic Facility offer?

    • Several indoor and outdoor pools (inc. children's swimming lessons)
    • Water playground
    • Hydrotherapy and recovery pools
    • 6 court multi-sport indoor stadium 
    • Gym and fitness facilities
    • Child-care facilities
    • Hot/ cold spas
    • Wellness centre and rehabilitation facilities
    • Education facilities
    • Sauna and steam rooms
    • Playground, picnic areas, running/ walking tracks and an oval
    • Retail/ merchandise outlet
    • Cafe

    Who will the new facility cater for?

    All ages and abilities!

    Who is developing the new facility?

    The $109 million development is a partnership between the City of Cockburn, Fremantle Football Club and Curtin University, with part funding provided by the State and Federal governments.

    What is the next step after the naming process?

    The logo and style guide will be developed so all promotional and marketing material can be produced (i.e. website, facility fit-outs, uniforms etc.) 

    Why are you asking my opinion?

    This new world-class facility is being built for you as a member of the Cockburn community. As such, we want to know what your preference is in relation to the name. 

    You have also told us via community perception studies and various focus groups that you want the City to consult with you in regards to projects that we are undertaking. 

    If you have any further questions in relation to the naming of the facility, please call the City of Cockburn on 9411 3444.