Why is a dog on-leash only beach being considered?

    Between 2016 and 2020, dogs were permitted on-leash only at Woodman Point Beach.

    This area is managed by state government agencies which do not support dogs accessing the beach.

    Since changing to a dog prohibited beach in 2020, some members of the community have requested the City of Cockburn explore options for a potential dog on-leash only beach.

    Council has approved four options for community feedback.

    Which Cockburn beaches are dog accessible?

    The City of Cockburn’s coastline extends approximately 15km. Approximately 9km is publicly accessible or walkable, of which 3km of beaches are dog accessible.

    The following beaches are dog exercise areas, which means they are accessible to dogs either on or off-leash:

    • C. Y. O’Connor Beach north of South Fremantle Power Station to the Catherine Point groyne
    • Jervoise Bay Beach facing south to the Henderson shipbuilding area, accessible via Jervoise Bay Cove Road.

    What does Council need to consider when making a decision?

    With limited coastal areas within the City of Cockburn, Council must consider competing views, needs and risks associated with mixed and single use areas. Community feedback will be considered, alongside other factors, as part of the decision-making process.

    When will Council make its decision?

    The findings of this community consultation will form part of a report being prepared for Council. The aim is to present this report to Council at the February 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting.

    Who is the City seeking feedback from?

    It is important for Council to hear from a robust and representative sample of people across the community. All community members aged 14 years or older are invited to share their views by completing the survey. The City has commissioned CATALYSE® Pty Ltd, an independent research company, to undertake a community survey. Please be assured that this study will adhere with the Privacy Act and The Research Society guidelines. Your responses will be strictly confidential.

    What options are being considered?

    There are four options:

    1. Establish approximately 200m of Chelydra Point Beach (currently dog prohibited) and up to 400m of the southern end of C.Y. O’Connor Beach dog exercise area, as a dog on-leash only area.
    2. Keep Chelydra Point Beach as a dog prohibited area and establish up to approximately 400m of the southern end of C.Y. O’Connor Beach dog exercise area as a dog on-leash only area.
    3. Within the Jervoise Bay Beach dog exercise area, establish a dog on-leash only

      area during certain times of the day and maintain it as a dog exercise area for the remainder of the time

    4. Do not establish a dog on-leash only area at any of the City’s beaches, keeping the current dog exercise areas unchanged.

    View a map of the proposed options in the Document Library.