1. What are the ideas already for Albion Park?

It's quite a windswept park so we want to increase the vegetation. Our ideas include:

  • An ornamental orchard of snow pear trees around the playground
  • Two new shelters in the same design as the existing shelters, with access paths
  • A double barbecue
  • A drink fountain
  • AFL football posts for practice
  • New sprinklers for existing trees and replacement of any dead trees
  • New park signs (including dogs on lead)

We await your ideas to finalise the plan

2. What are our ideas already for Ramsay Park?

  • We've started cutting down any dead branches on the trees.
  • We are merging the two playground areas into one and proving a better path to the playground
  • We will fence the park
  • We are improving the vegetation by adding some low level native plants and clearing out the dead undergrowth.
We await your ideas to finalise the plan

3. How much does a BBQ cost?

The City buys a barbecue for about $10,000 and then installs a concrete pad and connects the barbecue to power, if available. For example, the new BBQ at Rinaldo Park, Coolbellup cost $15,000.  Additionally, the City pays for the cleaning and servicing of its BBQs each year.

4. How much do toilets cost?

Toilet blocks cost about $350,000 to supply and install.  On top of this, the City has to pay to connect to sewer, power and water supply.