1. What area does the Cockburn Central East Structure Plan apply to?

    The Structure Plan is generally bound by the Kwinana Freeway, Armadale Road, Cutler Road and the western edge of the Banjup Residential Estate. See the Local Context Plan.

    2. Why is the Structure Plan needed?

    The primary objectives of the Structure Plan are to:

    • Provide direction for future land use planning and the local road network as a result of the realignment and connection of Armadale Road and the North Lake Road bridge

    • Provide for the long term commuter car parking requirements for the Public Transport Authority

    • Promote accessibility to the Cockburn Train Station for the Structure Plan area and the growing corridor to the east of Cockburn Central

    • Identify staging requirements for short, medium and long term strategic planning land use needs within the immediate vicinity of the Cockburn Central Train Station within the core area of the Cockburn Central Activity Centre.

    3. Does the Cockburn Central East Structure Plan include the Armadale Road and North Lake Bridge Interchange project?

    The proposed Structure Plan recognises and provides for the land use planning needs to cater for the Armadale Road and North Lake bridge interchange project. However the design undergoes a separate approval and delivery process internally through MRWA once the road is reserved by the Western Australian Planning Commission within the Metropolitan Region Scheme.

    4. What is the vision for Cockburn Central East?

    The immediate aspiration is to deliver the Armadale Road and North Lake bridge project and divert regional traffic out of the town centre. This will allow Cockburn Central to continue to grow as a transport oriented development, with high density mixed-use developments within the 400 to 800 metre catchment of the train station.

    The vision for a transport oriented development has been noted since the late 1990’s. Evidence includes existence of high density residential development in the town centre. Planning frameworks support further high density mixed-use developments within the Cockburn Central West precinct and to a lesser extent within Cockburn Central North -- most of it within walking distance of the train station.

    Cockburn Central is recognised as a major centre and a key point along the southern enterprise arc. This arc links the major enterprise areas of the Western trade Coast, Australian Marine Complex, Bibra Lake Industrial Area, Jandakot City, Forestdale Business Park and the Armadale Strategic Centre.

    While the central positioning of the activity centre and its location next to the freeway is attractive from an economic perspective, it also attracts significant regional traffic. The omission of the North Lake Bridge until now has resulted in regional traffic being pulled into the core area to access the freeway, resulting in the fragmentation of the Activity Centre.

    The City wants to encourage the growth of residential development, office and employment being attracted to Cockburn Central East.

    Sometimes this is hampered by land being under multiple ownership, the existence of industrial type uses that are incompatible with residential development, the regional and local planning framework currently in place supporting Industrial and light and service industry type developments, the state of the property market, and competition from developments closer to the Perth CBD.

    For further information about market conditions, see the Market Feasibility Assessment (May 2017) prepared by Colliers.

    5. How can I find out more about the details of the Structure Plan?

    Further information will be made available in July during the formal advertising period.

    However as information is finalised, documentation will be added to this page.

    Any immediate questions can be directed to the City's planning officers at stratplanning@cockburn.wa.gov.au or 94113444.

    6. Where can I obtain a copy of the new Armadale Road and North Lake Bridge design?

    See the concept diagram here

    The Armadale Road and North Lake Bridge Interchange project is now assigned to a project delivery team within Main Roads WA. Any further specific questions regarding the design should be directed to MRWA however please note the plans have not yet been formally released or finalised.