What is a Local Planning Strategy?

    The local planning strategy will set out the long-term (15-20 years) planning direction for the municipality and provides the rationale for the zones and other provisions of the local planning scheme.

    What is a Local Planning Scheme?

    A Local Planning Scheme includes a variety of zones and accompanying statutory planning provisions which combine to provide for control of land use and development. It implements the strategic vision set out in the Local Planning Strategy.

    What are the Local Profile Papers?

    The local profile papers will be a key element of the Local Planning Strategy, and they identify the key planning issues for the Cockburn locality.

    These profile papers are organised around topics taken from the WA Planning Commission's Local Planning Manual which provides guidance for the preparation of local planning strategies and schemes. Click here to view the Local Planning Manual

    In addition to providing background information and setting the scene, the local profile should highlight the planning implications of the information, and help identify appropriate planning responses.

    The local profile papers will ultimately form part of the local planning strategy text, with further sections within the document analysing those issues.

    Why is the City of Cockburn preparing a new local planning scheme and local planning scheme?

    Local Governments are required to regularly update the Local Planning Scheme.  While the current City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 3 and its associated Local Planning Strategy have served the City well for a number of years, and the Scheme was consolidated in 2015, it is time to start planning for the next Local Planning Scheme to ensure the City’s Scheme remains relevant and consistent in light of State planning policies and strategy.

    Why is this consultation being undertake?

    A key element of the local planning strategy is the local profile papers which identify planning issues for the Cockburn locality. We want you to tell us whether you think we’re on the right track and help shape the future of the City of Cockburn!

    In particular the City would like you to answer two key questions:

    1.  Does the information capture the key issues related to (the local profile topic)?

    2.  Are there further suggestions for inclusion?

    How can I provide my comments?

    You can provide comments on all or some of the local profile papers online.  Submissions can also be made by email at stratplanning@cockburn.wa.gov.au or PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC WA 6965, including specific reference to the local profile paper(s) that your comments relate to.  Advertising closes on 26 February 2018.

    What happens next?

    The feedback from the community will be used to finalise the local profile papers which will become a key part of the draft Local Planning Strategy document. 

    When prepared, the draft Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme will be presented to Council in due course, and subsequently extensive community consultation will be undertaken.