What is the project about?

    This research is being undertaken by Edith Cowan University of behalf of the City of Cockburn. Results will be used to inform the development of the City’s next Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy.

    What does my participation involve?

    Your participation in this research project will involve answering a series of questions which will assess your perceptions of crime and community safety in the City of Cockburn. You will also be asked to provide some general information about yourself, such as your age, gender and how long you have lived in the City of Cockburn. This information will be used to assist in interpreting the results of the survey. Participation in the project should not take longer than 15 minutes.

    No personal or identifying information will be collected from you. Upon entering the survey, all data will be anonymous. All data collected will be kept on a secure portable hard drive protected by a password, only known to the ECU research team. Data will be stored for a minimum of seven years, in accordance with ECU’s data management policy.

    Why does the City need my input?

    Feedback from the community will be collated by ECU and written into a report for the City of Cockburn. The City will use this report to aid the development of the new Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy.

    I have questions about the survey. Who can I speak to?

    If you would like to discuss any aspect of this project, please contact the following people.

    Dr Nikki Rajakaruna, Edith Cowan University n.rajakaruna@ecu.edu.au

    Associate Professor Pamela Henry, Edith Cowan University pamela.henry@ecu.edu.au 

    I am interested in being part of the focus group discussion, how can I register my interest?

    If you are interested in participating in a group discussion about crime, anti-social behaviour and community safety in the City of Cockburn please click here to register. 

    What is the City currently doing to improve community safety in Cockburn?

    In response to community concerns, local governments throughout Australia are becoming increasingly involved with crime prevention. 

    A list is provided below of some of the City's key actions and initiatives:

    • Regular consultation with the WA Police, Neighbourhood Watch, other local governments and various organisations across Western Australia to reduce crime in our community. 
    • The City supports a Community Safety & Crime Prevention Committee, which makes recommendations about safety and crime prevention to Council.
    • The City, in conjunction with WA Police and Crimestoppers, are promoting the use of D-locks on bicycles in Cockburn, to help prevent theft.
    • Cockburn Neighbourhood Watch Reference Group, local Police, and Bunnings regularly participate in anti-theft screw installation days, whereby residents can have their existing number plate screws, replaced with specially designed anti-theft ones, free of charge at Bunnings.
    • The City has relaunched CoSafe, where local knowledge will provide a more reliable and responsive community security service.  CoSafe operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Officers undertake specialised training to manage a wide range of issues in the community.
    • The City of Cockburn uses CCTV to monitor and record activity in the area. The cameras are installed at various locations through the City. Footage can only be released to Police upon request.
    • Neighbourhood Watch is a program to help neighbours look out for neighbours, to increase safety and reduce crime. Neighbourhood Watch works by getting to know your neighbours, and encouraging the reporting of suspicious activity to Police. The City of Cockburn facilitates meetings and training sessions with active volunteers and local Police on the first Wednesday of each month. The City also assists with coordinating the group for crime prevention activities and initiatives in conjunction with the WA Police. 
    • The Seniors Security Subsidy Scheme assists residents to improve the security of their homes. Once approved to receive the subsidy, the City of Cockburn pays the total subsidy directly to the applicant’s nominated bank account. 

    For more information visit www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/Health-Safety-and-Rangers/Safety-and-Crime-Prevention.

    What does the existing community safety strategy look like?

    Click here to read the current Community Safety and CCTV Strategy 2017-2022. The committed actions and initiatives in this strategy have now been delivered and it is time to develop a new strategy for the future.  

    Where can I find crime statistics for my area?

    You can view crime statistics in your area, by visiting the WA Police website and entering your suburb.