Is traffic calming needed?

    A traffic assessment of Shallcross Street was undertaken in February 2020. The assessment revealed that the average weekday traffic count was 2136 vehicles. The average vehicle speed was 62km/h, 12km/h above the permitted speed limit.

    How can traffic calming treatments help?

    Traffic calming treatments help to improve safety by causing drivers to change their driving pattern. Treatments require drivers to reduce their speed. Drivers may also choose to use alternative routes.

    What traffic calming treatment is appropriate for this location?

    Speed humps are considered the most appropriate treatment for Shallcross Street and Yangebup Road (on the approach to Shallcross Street) for the following reasons:

    • Very short construction time frame 
    • Effective in reducing vehicle speeds over a longer distance (multiple humps can be installed at appropriate distances)
    • No need for detailed road design changes
    • No need to use verge or pedestrian path space
    • Suitable for residential streets
    • Suitable for the permitted speed limit
    • Very cost efficient compared to other options
    • Does not limit property access
    • Can be implemented in the short term (this financial year)

    Where would the traffic calming treatments go?

    To be effective, speed humps should be positioned an appropriate distance away from each other, intersections and potential slow points (e.g. median islands).

    Speed humps are proposed for the following locations: 

    • Shallcross Street, approx. 40m south of Adelfia Rise
    • Shallcross Street, approx. 40m north of Positano Crescent
    • Shallcross Street, approx. 40m north of Ravello Vista
    • Yangebup Road, approx. 35m west of Floresta Rise

    Refer to the design diagram for more information.

    What will happen next?

    Feedback will be considered. If supported, any necessary changes to the concept design may be made. Depending on the outcomes and support, delivery of the proposed design can be completed this financial year.