1. Why is the City undertaking the Study?

    The City has identified the need to explore the potential development and redevelopment options of organised sporting facilities in the City’s western suburbs to cater for forecast population growth. As such, a coordinated approach was required to ensure that the best possible outcomes were achieved for the community.

    2. Which sites does the Study include?

    There are seven sites in the western suburbs of the City’s boundaries including:

     Beale Park

     Dalmatinac Park and Lucius Reserve

     Edwardes Reserve and Watsons Oval

     Davilak Oval

     Santich Park

     Wally Hagan and Dixon Park

     Cockburn Coast Oval (North Coogee)

    3. What consultation has the City undertaken to date?

    In May 2016, the City undertook consultation for the development of the City’s draft Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan 2017 - 2031. 125 people were engaged face-to-face in this process and 131 responses were received on a survey through ‘Comment on Cockburn’. The relevant feedback associated with this consultation has been considered in the development of the Study.

    As part of the development of the Study, in June 2017 community consultation was undertaken and each current user group of the seven sites were provided the opportunity to meet face-to-face. In addition, a survey on Comment on Cockburn was made available and 46 responses were received. Furthermore, the City has met with a number of community and sporting groups over the course of the plan. Their feedback has been considered in the development of the Study.

    4. What is the purpose of the consultation?

    The purpose of this consultation is to inform local residents and user groups about the outcomes of the Study and the proposed plans at each of the seven sites to date. The City is seeking the community’s feedback and views on the broader Study and specific feedback on each of the sites.

    The feedback will be considered and changes incorporated into concept plans where appropriate and applicable. The Study and concept plans are scheduled to be presented for approval by Council in September 2018.

    5. Who is the City consulting with?

    The City is directly consulting with 29 individual community and sporting groups during this consultation process. In addition, letters will be sent to residents and ratepayers living within 400 metres from each site. The broader community will also have the opportunity to provide input via an online survey.

    6. Will I be able to access the facilities once constructed?

    Yes. Whether they are managed by the City or an external group (e.g. through a lease), the wider community will have the opportunity to hire the facilities whether that be through the City or the relevant lease holder.

    7. Can I still use the park or reserve after the redevelopment?

    Yes, the park or reserve will continue to be made available for hire by sporting clubs during the summer and winter sporting seasons; however the entire park will be available for general use by the community at all other times. In any case, informal recreation activities can still be undertaken around the park and in any space that is not booked.

    8. Has the City taken into account environmental considerations or impact to vegetation?

    Preliminary assessments have been undertaken at this time. Further detailed studies where relevant are to be undertaken as guided by legislative requirements or statutory planning processes.

    Initial tree surveys have been undertaken at Beale Park and Davilak Park to understand the value and significance of the existing trees. A heritage tree at Beale Park will be retained and each proposed tree to be removed will be replaced with three new trees. Further investigations will be undertaken where relevant during the detailed planning process to ensure structural root zones and tree protection zones are not impacted should the relevant projects proceed to construction.

    9. Has the City taken into account the impact of traffic at each site?

    A preliminary assessment has been undertaken by staff to consider traffic movements and parking in the concept plans. Further investigations will be undertaken should each of the projects progress to detailed design prior to construction.

    10. Has the City considered the noise impact of residents at each site?

    The current concept designs have considered noise. Where relevant and appropriate, acoustic studies, acoustic construction treatments and noise management strategies will be developed during the detailed design prior to construction and where required incorporated into the construction.

    11. What does the proposed sports’ floodlighting include?

    Sports floodlighting is proposed to illuminate the playing surfaces, enabling greater opportunities for organised sporting activities to be undertaken. All sports floodlighting is required to meet the relevant Australian Standards including the control of obtrusive light to nearby amenities and residential properties.

    12. What happens next?

    The results of the community consultation period will be collated and considered against the contents of the Study and each site concept plan. The feedback will be presented to Council together with any recommended changes to the site concept plans and estimated costs in late 2018.

    Once the Study has been approved, the timing of all site redevelopments or new developments will be considered when the draft Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan is presented to the Council scheduled for late 2018 or early 2019.

    Each individual site will undertake further detailed designs and relevant further studies and/or plans will be undertaken in accordance to determining feasibility, or obtaining relevant statutory approvals.

    13. Who can I contact for more information?

    For more information, please contact the City’s Coordinator Recreation Services on 9411 3444 or email customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au