Where can I get the evacuation flagging bags?

    Residents within the trial boundaries will be notified when green and orange bags are being distributed. There are also a limited number of green and orange bags available from the City of Cockburn Administration Offices.

    If I evacuate, will my possessions be safe?

    Emergency responders will be working in the area and it is likely anyone entering a marked property will be noticed and investigated. If time allows, lock your property when you leave.

    If I display the orange bag, can I rely on the help of emergency responders?

    If you choose to stay and defend your property, it is important that you DO NOT rely on emergency responders to help you. The primary concern of emergency responders is to save lives, they may be assisting elsewhere and may have limited resources.

    Why do we need this system?

    Time is critical for successful evacuations in fast-moving emergencies. Property-by-property checks by emergency authorities are time consuming; the green bag flagging system allows them to move faster through an affected area. This could save lives! If emergency authorities are confident you’ve left for a safer place, they can check other properties.

    Should I wait until I’m told to evacuate?

    During an emergency, the safest option is to evacuate early. Leaving at the last minute could be deadly. Take advice from emergency services personnel and keep up-to-date by checking information from a range of sources.

    What if I have a disability or limited mobility and need to evacuate?

    If you have a disability or are unable to move easily, contact WA Police on 131 444 as soon as possible to let them know your circumstances. They will provide advice on what to do. If you have a hearing or speech impairment call 106 in a life threatening emergency.

    Could the bags be blown away or burnt?

    This is always a risk, but any flagging objects could be damaged in an emergency situation. If the bags blow away or are damaged, the property will be checked as if it had not been flagged at all.

    How can I stay up-to-date during an emergency?

    During an emergency, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) issues alerts and warnings through a variety of sources including:

    • 13 DFES (13 3337)
    • ABC Radio and 6PR
    • DFES on Twitter