1. What is a play space plan?

    The plan looks at the importance of play, trends in playground provision, key elements of a successful play space and will guide future decisions about replacing equipment and providing new equipment. This is a priority action in the City's Children and Families Strategy 2016-2021.

    The plan will look at who is using our play spaces, what ages, how they get there, how long they stay and what they would like to play on or with.

    2. What will the play spaces plan take into account?

    • Access to public transport, parking
    • Access for children with a disability
    • Catering for different age groups (toddlers, lower primary school, upper primary school, teens)
    • Park infrastructure such as furniture, shade, water, fountains, toilets, signage, lighting and fencing
    • Types of play (structured and unstructured)
    • Different materials (natural, plastic, steel, softfall)
    • Targeted parks such as sensory, nature play, specific themes like pirate park, ages, water playgrounds
    • Water in parks (lakes, water fountains, sumps or drainage areas)
    • Risks, safety and injury prevention including visibility and security
    • Recommendations for compliance audits and safety inspections