What consultation has been undertaken for this project?

    The City undertook a series of community consultation activities in early 2019 to help inform the design of the new centre, its features, artwork themes and potential future users. The outcomes of this consultation has been summarised into a report which can be viewed here.

    In October 2019, the City formed a Community Reference Group (CRG) with individuals and groups who expressed an interest in running programs and activities at the centre through the above mentioned consultation, to act as an advisory body for the project and help inform the concept design development process.

    Will there be sufficient parking?

    The City is mindful to provide adequate amount of parking for sports activities and community events. The City plans to provide approximately 50 car parking bays at the site. There will be further provision at the neighbouring school, which is intended to be shared use. Furthermore there are approximately 75 car parking bays on the streets surrounding the reserve.

    What sports can be played on the reserve?

    An expression of interest process was conducted from January to March 2019 to enable existing clubs and aspiring clubs to apply for a seasonal arrangement. The submissions were assessed on merit and contribution to the wider community, with the successfully elected club being Fremantle Roosters Rugby League Club.

    Other formalised sports activities can be played on the reserve by booking the space when it is available and casual activities can be played when it is available without needing to book. If specific infrastructure is required to play an activity, players are encouraged to play on nearby reserves, and to either develop a club or join and strengthen an existing club. A few examples of nearby facilities for specific activities include:

    • Atwell Reserve (5km from Treeby) - AFL, Cricket
    • Aubin Grove Reserve (8km from Treeby) - Soccer, Softball/T-ball
    • Cockburn Aquatic Recreation Centre (4km from Treeby) - Futsal, Netball, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball, Swimming, Water polo, Gym activities.

    How will security be managed?

    CoSafe is the City’s safety and security service. CoSafe helps residents feel safer by providing an extra set of eyes and ears in the Cockburn community. CoSafe mobile patrols service all 22 suburbs in the City of Cockburn and visit all council facilities on their run sheet. Cosafe can attend to callouts and responds to alarms at council facilities, noise complaints, suspicious behaviour and anti-social behaviour. More information on this service can be found on the City’s website.

    The City also has a Rangers Service which responds to any complaints against the Dog Act, Parking Laws, Off Road Vehicles, and specific local law breaches.

    Will the building have sustainability considerations in the design?

    Yes. The City has appointed an Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) consultant to support the design process for the new Treeby Community and Sports Centre, and provide recommendations on best practice sustainability design options and initiatives in line with the City’s Environmentally Sustainable Design policy and requirements.

    What specific activities will be run at the centre?

    It will be up to different groups, clubs, individuals, or commercial operators to run programs and activities. There has been a wide range of interest from different individuals who look forward to booking the facility to run activities.

    Will the space be available for families with children?

    The public open space is available for everyone. Aside from numerous playgrounds already available in the area, the concept design includes an area with an enclosed children’s playground at the facility which is connected to Activity Room 1.  This space can be hired for such activities as playgroups, parent groups and birthday parties.

    Commercial operators can also book but will have a restricted amount of time to access to enable not-for-profit groups to have equitable access.

    Can people or groups from other suburbs book the facility?

    Yes. The City of Cockburn offers a variety of facilities that can be booked by people living in different suburbs. While one facility may not have the specific size or infrastructure requirements and be available at the time you need, another nearby facility may suit your needs and be available. Groups or residents living outside of the Local Government area can also book the facility if they wish to do so, which increases the types of activities and programs available to local residents. Similarly, you are also able to book any facilities in other local government areas.

    Will the facility include a gym or aquatic facilities?

    No. The Treeby Community and Sports Centre is a district level facility that is intended to serve a wide range of activities with multifunctional spaces that can be booked. The facility is intended to have clubrooms, change rooms and toilets to enable sport and recreation activities, as well as personal trainers and fitness instructors to book and run health and wellbeing sessions.

    The Cockburn Aquatic Recreation Centre is a regional facility that provides specific aquatic and gym facilities for a large population catchment, and is conveniently only 4 km from Treeby.

    Will there be any artwork incorporated into the design of the building?

    The City is planning to engage an artist to incorporate an original artwork into the design of the building in the coming months. Based on the outcomes of the community consultation which was undertaken in early 2019, the artwork is intended to have a nature / environmental theme to match the style of artworks installed throughout the broader Calleya Estate.

    What provision is there for things like fitness classes?

    The function room and activity rooms will be available for the community to hire, and could be used for such things as yoga / pilates, table tennis, arts classes, music lessons, board games and a wide range of other indoor activities.

    Commercial operators can also book but will have a restricted amount of time to access to enable not-for-profit groups to have equitable access.

    When will the shopping centre and school be developed?

    The State Government has announced its commitment to deliver the new Treeby Primary School in 2022. This aligns nicely with the timing of deliver for the Treeby Community and Sports Centre, which is also currently planned to be completed in 2022.

    The development of the shopping centre will be triggered by the market and population. The City has limited control over the timing of these developments.

    Will there be a cricket pitch?

    An expression of interest (EOI) process was undertaken by the City during the 2018/19 financial year, for sporting groups to utilise the new Treeby Reserve, which was constructed by Stockland Pty Ltd (to be eventually handed over to the City). Two expressions of interest were received through this process from the Phoenix Lacrosse Club and Fremantle Roosters Rugby League Club, both winter sporting clubs. Both were strong applications, however the winter tenancy was awarded to the Fremantle Roosters Rugby League Club, who as part of their submission requested the provision of two rugby pitches.

    In order to accommodate this request due to the size of the reserve, the rugby pitches are required to run east-west. As cricket wickets are required to have a north-south orientation, if one were to be installed at this site, it would cross over the rugby field boundaries and create a safety hazard for rugby teams using the pitches.

    As part of the formal Expression of Interest process, the City also did not receive any application from summer sports (including cricket) to use Treeby Reserve. For these reasons, the City has decided that the installation of a cricket wicket is not suitable at this site.

    The City also has a number of synthetic cricket pitches, most with supporting cricket nets at the following locations within approximately 2km of Treeby Reserve:

    • Atwell Reserve – Two Synthetic Pitches and Four Cricket Nets
    • Anning Park – One Synthetic Pitch, Two Cricket Nets
    • Lakelands Reserve - One Synthetic Pitch, Three Cricket Nets