What are tree guards?

    Tree guards are used in revegetation projects to enhance likelihood of seedling survival.  The City of Cockburn currently uses:

    • Plastic sleeves 
    • Coreflute guards 
    • Biodegradable guards

    What are plastic sleeves?

    • Cheapest to purchase. 
    • The City of Cockburn reuses these guards when possible (approximately 3 times). 
    • They are then landfilled.

    What are corflute guards?

    • More expensive than plastic sleeves.
    • Made of a thicker, more rigid plastic. 
    • Often, they can be reused 2-3 times, before they are landfilled.

    What are biodegradable guards?

    • The most expensive type of guards.
    • Relatively new to the market. 
    • Product claims indicate that the guards will completely degrade into their environment within 18 months, or can be removed and recycled through the paper recycling of local governments.
    • There are two different types of biodegradable tree guards used by the City of Cockburn: 
      • Carton guards (cardboard) with a PE waxy coating;
      • Cardboard guards (pulp/paper) with a 100% biodegradable natural lining.