January 1912

SS Wyola built in England

January 1951

Skipper of Wyola retires

Captain Carl Frederick Douglas of East Fremantle was the skipper of the Wyola for 36 years from 1915 to 1951 when he retired at the age of 68 after 55 years at sea.

January 1960

Robb Jetty condemned, due to silt build up

In the 1960s, the jetty was no longer accessible by shipping due to the build up of sand in the water. Fishermen continued to use the jetty, even setting up a flying fox to get across a missing section.
January 1970

Wyola taken to Robb Jetty for scrapping

Barge moored alongside to remove parts of the Wyola. Tug moved on to the shoreline for further work until only the keel, sternpost and stern frames remain. These features are still present today.

27 January 1970

Wyola sold to Goldfield Metal Traders for scrapping

25 September 1970

Registration cancelled on the Wyola

February 1975

Robb Jetty demolished

Maintaining the jetty too costly. Demolition was strongly opposed by local angling clubs. The jetty was not viable for commercial use and the underwater piles were deteriorating.
January 1979

Wyola's last owner writes biography

George Stewart, who took the Wyola to its current location for scrapping, not only ran a marine salvage operation but also a boxing troupe which toured country towns and the Royal Show. His book "The Leveller: The Story of a Violent Australian" was published in WA in 1979. He died two years ago in WA's South West.


December 2016

Consultation opens

17 February 2017

Consultation closes

09 March 2017

Council decison to retain wreck