What is happening on the oval now?

    Currently, forward works are occurring for the oval which is being completed by Development WA. This first initial stage comprises of earthworks and key services works to the site.

    Where is Cockburn Coast Oval?

    Cockburn Coast Oval will be located in the Shoreline Estate, North Coogee. Currently, McTaggart Road borders the site to the south, Cockburn Road to the east, the Railway line to the west and the current Bennett Avenue in the north. The existing road network is expected to be modified over time, as the estate continues to develop.  

    Why are you seeking my feedback?

    The City wants to hear from you to better understand the community’s priorities when it comes to the Cockburn Coast Oval and its delivery. 

    What does the Cockburn Coast Oval project entail?

    At a high level, the Cockburn Coast Oval includes the proposed delivery of:

    ·  A multi-purpose sporting oval that could cater for:

    o  Full senior size Australian Rules Football Oval (135m x 110m)

    o  Cricket

    o  Rectangular pitch sports (Soccer, Rugby etc)

    ·  Sports floodlighting to enable clubs to utilise the facility for afternoon and evening trainings or matches (sufficient lighting is a safety requirement)

     Possible future inclusions:

    ·  A clubroom (including toilets, kitchen/kiosk, changerooms, meeting area)

    ·  Car parking (at least 34 car parking bays)

    ·  Park infrastructure (for example, play equipment, shelter, bench seats, bbq etc)

    $1.5 million has been allocated to the first stage of the project which will cover essentials such as bore, irrigation and the sporting field.

    How was the project first identified?

    Cockburn Coast Oval was identified within the Cockburn Coast District Structure Plan 2009.  Robb Jetty Local Structure Plan then further detailed the likely layout of the oval given the interaction with nearby roads and other infrastructure. Further consultation on the City’s Western Suburb Sporting Precinct Study confirmed a strong demand for a sporting reserve at this site. 

    What is the overall cost of the project?

    $1.5M has been allocated to Stage 1, which will include the delivery of bore, irrigation, conduits and the sporting field.

    Overall, approximately $4.25M (excluding land acquisition) is expected to be required for the delivery of this project, in accordance with the Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan 2018 – 2033 (CSRFP).

    How is the project being funded?

    The project is being funded through a combination of development contributions and general municipal funding. 

    Why is the project being delivered in multiple stages?

    Originally the City had proposed in its draft CSRFP that the overall development would be undertaken in 2025/26. However, during the development of the Western Suburbs Sporting Precinct Study (WSSPS), it was identified that there is a shortage of sporting oval space in the North Coogee – Coogee area. In addition, there was a high level of support from the community to bring the oval delivery forward to assist offset some of the shortfall.  Subsequently, as per the recommendations of the WSSPS the City has worked with Development WA (formerly Landcorp) to obtain access to the site and develop the oval portion. Due to the cost of the overall development, future additions will be undertaken as funding becomes available. 

    Who will be able to access the facilities once the development has been constructed?

    The oval is identified as public open space. Therefore all members of the community will be able to access it. The clubroom and its amenities will be available to hire by local sporting clubs of which are yet to be identified. When the adjacent primary school is delivered, it will also be utilised by the school.

    Who will be main sporting users of the oval?

    Sporting club users are yet to be confirmed. Sporting clubs are welcome to enquire with the City on this opportunity. 

    What parking will be available?

    The minimum bays under the City’s Development Contributions Scheme (DCP13) is to provide 34 bays. However, during the design there may be capacity to increase the volume of parking.

    Will the Moreton Bay Fig Trees (Ficus) and Chimney Stack be retained?

    Yes. Both have historic significance to the site. The fig trees are currently on the local heritage register and are in good condition. It is unusual to have these trees lining one of the main roads in the City. The Chimney is considered to hold exceptional significance and is the sole remaining structure of the Robb Jetty Abbattoir. It is expected once the area is further developed, the Chimney Stack will be a focal feature of the area. Notably, the existing chimney stack is on the adjacent land and is not impacted by the construction of the oval.

    Where will the Heritage Plaza be in relation to Cockburn Coast Oval?

    The Local Structure Plan for the area identifies a Heritage Plaza next to the Cockburn Coast Oval. The land identified as Heritage Plaza is privately owned and therefore its delivery falls under the scope of the developer. The Heritage Plaza is next to, not within, the Cockburn Coast Oval and therefore is not within the scope of consultation for this project. The City will be working with the developer to ensure the Plaza aligns with the design of the Cockburn Coast Oval.

    Where will the proposed school be in relation to Cockburn Coast Oval?

    The Local Structure Plan for the area identifies a school next to the Cockburn Coast Oval. The land identified as a school is owned by the State Government. The school is next to, not within, the Cockburn Coast Oval and therefore is not within the scope of consultation on this project. 

    Will the proposed school be able to use the reserve?

    Yes. As outlined in the district and local structure plans, the reserve will be managed under a shared use arrangement. A number of reserves across the City of Cockburn (Aubin Grove Reserve, Success Reserve, Beeliar Reserve etc) operate under shared use agreements with the Department of Education. This agreement outlines both parties are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the reserve as well as access times between the school and wider.

    When will the surrounding road network be constructed?

    In the short-term, McTaggart Cove and Bennett Ave will remain. Other surrounding roads will be constructed by Development WA at a later stage of the subdivision. These roads are subject to underground service relocation's and the formal closure processes.

    Why is sports lighting required?

    Clubs usually train outside of working hours and thus in conditions of low light. Sports flood lighting is a safety requirement to minimise risk of injury. Carefully designed lighting can also help to minimise ongoing maintenance costs that occur to the field through wear and tear. All lighting is designed to comply with Australian Standards to ensure the safety of reserve users and to minimise impact on surrounding residences.