Where is Goodchild Park?

    Goodchild Park is located at 30 Plantagenet Crescent in Hamilton Hill, on Lot 9000, which is owned by the City of Cockburn.

    What upgrades are proposed to be completed at Goodchild Park?

    The City is proposing to complete the following upgrades at Goodchild Park across the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years.

    ·  Sports floodlighting and sporting field upgrades (2019/20)

    ·  Clubrooms upgrade and extension (2020/21)

    Subject to Council endorsing the funds through budgeting processes, the City is planning to upgrade the sports floodlighting at the reserve in line with relevant Australian and International Standards to increase the hours of access for sporting user groups and the wider Hamilton Hill community. In accordance with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America’s recommended practice for lacrosse lighting (RP-06-01), the floodlighting is proposed to meet a standard of 200 lux, which also meets relevant Australian Standards for large ball sports competition.

    The sports floodlighting has also been designed in accordance with AS/NZS 4282:2019 “Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting”, to minimise lighting spill, glare, and impact on surrounding residential properties.

    The sports field upgrades proposed for 2019/20 include a minor extension and re-alignment of the two existing rectangular sport pitches, and the movement of the centre cricket wicket to between the new field boundaries.

    The proposed upgrade and extension of the existing clubrooms building at Goodchild Park is intended to provide the following:

    ·  2 x new unisex change rooms for both male and female teams

    ·  New umpire’s change room

    ·  First aid facilities

    ·  Storage

    ·  Better toilet facilities

    ·  Improved kitchen/kiosk

    The upgrade of the Goodchild Park Clubrooms is intended to improve the facilities to meet the basic operational requirements for community sport and recreation, and is expected to have minimal impact on surrounding residents.

    How was the need for the project identified?

    In 2018, Council adopted the Community, Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan 2018-2033 (CSRFP) which outlines all community, sport and recreation facility and reserve development for the next 15 years. As part of the development of this plan, a community needs assessment was undertaken which involved a substantial program of community and stakeholder engagement.

    One of the key findings and common themes identified throughout the community and stakeholder consultation was the need to upgrade existing sporting facilities, either to improve the standard of the facilities, or increase the number of participants that can be catered for. This was also the case for Goodchild Park in Hamilton Hill, with the consultation identifying the need for improved sports fields, clubroom facilities, and sports floodlighting at the reserve.

    When is construction planned to commence?

    Construction is planned to commence in early-mid 2020, following community consultation and appointment of a contractor via a formal tender process.

    A construction notification letter will be provided to residents prior to works commencing.

    What sports will be played at the reserve?

    Currently, Goodchild Park is home to the Phoenix Lacrosse Club who use the clubrooms and grounds during the winter season. The reserve is also currently used as an overflow ground for the Cockburn Cricket Club.

    The sporting reserve can be used for a variety of other sports and recreational opportunities, with the pitches suitable for other rectangular pitch sports such as soccer, rugby, etc. The clubrooms and sporting reserve are available for hire by local sporting clubs or members of the community. For more information, head to the Facilities and Venues for Hire page on the City’s website.

    What is the overall cost of the project?

    A budget of $1M is to be considered for this project to be spent across the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years.

    Will there be sufficient parking?

    The City is aware that there is currently limited parking available at Goodchild Park. Whilst no funding has been allocated for additional parking in 2019/20 and 2020/21, the City will be considering the provision of additional parking in future years, with funding allocated in the 2027/28 financial year for this purpose as part of another project.

    Is there going to be any community consultation?

    This City is currently seeking feedback from members of the community on the proposed development through the online survey.

    How will security be managed?

    CoSafe is the City’s safety and security service. CoSafe helps residents feel safer by providing an extra set of eyes and ears in the Cockburn community.  CoSafe mobile patrols service all 22 suburbs in the City of Cockburn and visit all council facilities on their run sheet.  Cosafe can attend to callouts and responds to alarms at council facilities, noise complaints, suspicious behaviour and anti-social behaviour.  More information on this service can be found on the City’s website.

    The City also has a Rangers Service which responds to any complaints against the Dog Act, Parking Laws, Off Road Vehicles, and specific local law breaches.

    Lastly the City has mobile CCTV cameras which may be placed on site if required.