What type of equipment will be built within the park?

    Equipment being considered will be similar to what has already been installed at Yarra Vista Reserve and will make consideration for the natural environment present in the area. As part of this development it is proposed that two fenced dog areas are installed along with dog agility equipment, education boards, a dog and human drinking fountain and bench seating.

    Who can use the facilities on offer?

    Any responsible dog owner can use the park provided they adhere to the dog park rules.

    Will there be scheduled open and closing times of the park?

    The park will be available for use at any time.

    What if someone does not control their dog in this area?

    The responsibility of dog ownership and control does not cease simply because the City has fenced off an area. Under the Dog Act 1976 (as amended) any person responsible for the dog at the time must ensure it is under proper control, as penalties apply.

    Will the City install additional parking to accommodate potential increase in use of the area?

    Jan Hammond Reserve: Some additional parking would be put in place to complement what is already available.Powell Reserve: Parking would be provided.