What are the key features of the draft design?

    • Existing path in front of Blue Gum Montessori Primary School widened to 3m (except where there are above ground powerpoles or other constraints)
    • New sections of 3m wide shared path constructed on sections of the southern and northern verges (positioned further away from the road edge, deviating around parking on Meller Park verge and a playground)
    • Concrete and asphalt finishes (concrete is required in some locations due to underground services)
    • Bibra Drive crossing relocated to a position with better visibility
    • Raised plateaus installed at entries to adjacent car parks
    • A path transition (changes from the southern to northern verge) at Homestead Avenue 

    How did the project come about?

    This project was identified in the City’s Bike and Walk Network Plan 2016 to 2021 as the connection for the proposed ‘Wetlands to Waves’ east west cycle route. 

    How will the project be funded?

    The $580,000 project is jointly funded by the City of Cockburn and State Government. The City received a $290,000 grant from Department of Transport to complete the project this financial year.

    Why does the path change to the other side of the road at Homestead Avenue?

    Site analysis has determined that a path is not suitable for the southern verge between Homestead Avenue and Pausin Crescent. The path cannot be built to the required 3m width on this section of verge without significantly reworking ground levels.

    A path in this location would also increase interaction between path users and cars entering and exiting driveways. The southern verge crossfall (change in road level) further reduces visibility, increasing the risk of conflict between cyclists and vehicles.

    When will the works happen?

    A construction time frame is yet to be confirmed. The City envisages the works commencing this financial year.

    What happens after the comment period?

    Feedback will be considered. A detailed design will be undertaken. A tender process will commence later this year, with a view to complete construction in the 2020/21 financial year.