03 October 2016

Southbound entrance into Brushfoot Boulevard closed

20 September 2016

City advises in local paper that it intends to close southbound entry to Brushfoot Boulevard

01 September 2016

Visibility of signs to be improved

Council agrees to amend directional signs to make the text larger, following feedback from residents.
01 September 2016

Traffic counters installed

Two traffic counters installed on Brushwood Boulevard and two on Wentworth Parade to gather information over one week. Complements information from counters installed at 22 sites in the locality in late July.

01 September 2016

Meeting with Residents Association on site

The Mayor Cr Logan Howlett, Cr Chamonix Terblanche and Council engineers meet Residents Association on site.

31 August 2016

Traffic being monitored

The City will monitor the traffic and make adjustments as circumstances arise.

30 August 2016

Local traffic only signs installed

Alternative route signage and “Local Area Traffic Only” signage installed at either end of Brushfoot Boulevard. Director of Engineering to visit the area at peak time this afternoon.

29 August 2016

Consultation about traffic management plan

City's Engineering Department mapped a traffic management plan to trial, with temporary signage. This was sent for comment to the residents association who have contacted the Director Engineering to advise they support trialling this plan.

28 August 2016

Meeting with residents on site

The City's Director of Engineering met with more than 20 residents onsite with the Mayor and Cr Portelli.

26 August 2016

Lamar Court closed, after public advertising

Residents contact the City with concerns about traffic management