Manning Park Master Plan August 2017

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Consultation has concluded

October 2017

We are reviewing the community feedback and finalising the Master Plan.

We asked:

We released a draft Manning Park Master Plan for your comment with proposals to:

  • Provide eight places to exercise, plus a pump track, upgraded Pétanque court and better basketball courts
  • Create a lakeside walk of remembrance as a place of contemplation for people who have received bravery awards
  • Formalise the northern quarry as a destination for mountain biking, with access off Southend Road
  • Create a lakeside themed playground, and upgrade the playground on eastern boundary of the park
  • Redefine Azelia Ley Road as a heritage

October 2017

We are reviewing the community feedback and finalising the Master Plan.

We asked:

We released a draft Manning Park Master Plan for your comment with proposals to:

  • Provide eight places to exercise, plus a pump track, upgraded Pétanque court and better basketball courts
  • Create a lakeside walk of remembrance as a place of contemplation for people who have received bravery awards
  • Formalise the northern quarry as a destination for mountain biking, with access off Southend Road
  • Create a lakeside themed playground, and upgrade the playground on eastern boundary of the park
  • Redefine Azelia Ley Road as a heritage spine or shared space for pedestrians, bicycles and cars with improved parking, new road surface and linking the European heritage elements on site
  • Prioritise the Azelia Ley homestead as the central hub of the park, with places to hold markets and creating a village feel
  • Promote the heritage of the Davilak Ruins
  • Expand the Alan Thomas Music Shell with better power, audio-visual and other upgrades so it can host larger events

The City has been working with the community and landscape architects UDLA since November 2016 to draft a plan covering management of history and heritage, to current and future events, how people and animals will use the site and how we continue to manage and protect this special natural environment.

You said

Consultation has now closed and we are reviewing your comments. Thankyou for your comprehensive submissions.

Guest Book

Are we on the right track? Provide your views here about the issues raised in the draft Master Plan.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

It's great to see this area set for improvement, well done to the planners and city of Cockburn.I note that there are at least two seperate roads/connections linking in to Cockburn road. There is another possible connection further towards South Beach Estate. I would like to state that as there are already in exhistence traffic, parking and thoroughfare problems in this housing estate - I do not (as a resident) wish any further linkages to encroach on this area. Summer especially draws many extra visitors, cars, bikes. South Beach food weekend food markets brings an influx of parking from non residents. As Manning park is a destination within itself, I am hoping that it isn't to be connected to South Beach therefore making this residential area subject to further inflow of traffic and bikes as more people may decide to continue through to the beach area.South Beach Estate is squeezed between busy south Fremantle and now a new "Shoreline" development which will include a Recreation facility, a bridge to the beach, public parklands and cafe.The old Power station will be a major attraction when completed. The Coogee surf lifesaving club has much amenity for large numbers of beach goers.With many people flooding to the beach in warmer weather, which is perfectly understandable and to be encouraged, I am hopeful the city of Cockburn is mindful of the residents who live in certain pockets of the community, who are at risk of being overrun if the design and planning is not carefully considered. I appreciate the difficulty of balancing the needs of all members of the community having access to our wonderful natural resources, in the most beneficial way for all concerned. Please consider keeping South beach estate as a residential pocket, not a thorofare for the entire city of Cockburn and Fremantle. Any further direct linkages risk this. Thank you for allowing public comment on the subject of Manning park and for your consideration of my comments.

Susan162 about 3 years ago

Overwhelmingly support the overall direction the Master Plan is proposing but make a couple of suggestions:1) It would be great/better/best practice/ideal outcome if the Plan could incorporate the bush land area each side of Bellion Drive Hamilton Hill, then across Rockingham Road (adjacent to Dixon Reserve) & go all the way to include the bush area on Clontarf Hill; makes for a much more consistent park (despite the dissecting roads) but appreciate that Clontarf Hill is not in City of Cockburn jurisdiction; 2) off leash dog exercise area in the northern section of the Park please (I am currently using this end for dog exercise (on lead) but would greatly appreciate a dedicated off lead area near to where we live;3) Engagement with local Nyoongah representatives to ensure that historical names/places are reflected on signage in/around re-developed park; and that the ridgeline is protected;4) Focus on keeping the 'bush track' style of walkways off the fire breaks - there is a certain attraction to walking "in the bush" rather than on manicured/prepared paths & walkways;5) Reintroduction of flora that will assist Carnaby's Cockatoos in the park;6) Installation of exercise equipment such as pull up bars (similar to that installed at Baker Square);7) Dog poo bags & bins at appropriate entrances/locations through the park;

JuddyOM about 3 years ago

I am very pleased to see some great initiatives and various uses for improvement of the park. I support the use of the park for mountain bike riders. I am a keen mountain bike rider myself and so is my family. We frequently ride our bikes in Manning Park and love the natural bush setting and ruggedness of most of the trails. I fully support that the park will become a mountain bike destination but have some concerns with how some of the mountain bike trails will be developed.I also use the park in a daily base to walk my dog, ride my horse or just wander through the natural bush environment and love going off the beaten track through the smaller sand paths and trails to experience the flora and fauna.I would like to raise some concerns in relation to the Master Plan and I am hoping the council will consider my feedback.1. The Spearwood ridgeline has historical and indigenous significance. Community groups have advocated for the protection of the ride line for many years and local indigenous people and local community should be consulted when looking at redesigning the ridgeline as a designated mount bike trail.2. Historical significance of horses in the park – There is a direct connection to homestead park/Azalea Ley and other who would have ridden their horses over the ridgeline for many a years. There were also trotting horses stables at Manning Park in the 1950’s and horses from Collinson’s (now Patterson’s) on Daly street turned horses out on the ridgeline in the 1940’s and 1950’. The tenant of the Randwick Stables, a heritage listed property at the edge of Manning Park has been taking horses to the park on a daily basis for close to 17 years. Most recently I have been lucky to ride my horse in the park on a daily basis as well as I hold my horse at the Randwick Stables. We are loved by cyclist and walkers alike as they are always surprised and pleased to see us ride our horses through the park. 90% of the time we walk in the park as most tracks do not allow for any trotting or cantering so it is a very safe activity.3. The current Mast Plan does not make mention of horses although horses were included in the 2009 structure plan and received permission from landholders back in 2006 to use the park which is documented. I am concerned that since the council may not be aware that the park gets used by horses (there are only around 4 horses maximum using the park on a daily basis mind you) it has been an oversight to include horse trails in their plans.4. The heritage listed Randwick Stables has a significant place in Hamilton Hill history and it is a living heritage and advocat for a community that used to be overrun with horses. The continuation of the Randwick Stables and its heritage relies heavily on the use of the park for its horses especially during the winter months. In summer most horses use the beach and ocean but in winter the beach is not always suitable for the horses to ride. The Stables is also contemplating of expanding the stables and have a more tourism focus with an option to take people out for rides in the park.5. Cockatoo foraging – with the disappearance of many surrounding bushlands including the destruction of bushland for the Roe 8 the black Cockatoos have limited areas for foraging and they are very active in the park especially in the acacia woodland area. This area needs to be protected and activity around the woodland area limited.6. Vulnerability of the natural habitat – bee eaters and raptors are frequenting the trails and should be protected. When on a mountain bike and speeding through an area it is hard to avoid these. Runners, walkers and horse riders on the other hand are able to avoid them due to their low speed.My requests and suggestions in relation to the above are:1. Support importance of Spearwood Ridgeline and inclusion of its heritage and indigenous significance in the master plan2. Support the removal of the PR – Primary Regional Road from Mainroads and include this land in conservation/parks and reserve land3. Support the ongoing recognition of Noongar sites including the Spearwood Ridgeline. Emphasise the need for ongoing consultation with the local indigenous community4. Instigate community consultation with the local horse riding community including the Randwick Stables – this has clearly not been undertaken as there is no mention of horses in the plan and community consultation responses5. Support access to suitable horse trails in the master plan. The Spearwood Mountain Bike Loop as suggested in the plan uses a large part of the ridgeline and the horse trails. Designated use for mountain bike riders only would mean the horses will have very limited trails left to ride on or not trail to use at all when not included.6. Support multi use trails for runners, walkers, mountain bike riders and horses. This has been the case for the past 17 years without any issues, incidents or concerns from the all users involved.7. Support the use of existing trails which is more in keeping with conservation of the flora and fauna and access for other ridgeline users. 8. Low key mountain bike trails maintained by local users (as currently is the case) would have less impact and be more inclusive. My 15 year old son is a keen mountain bike rider and the credo the riders have amongst each other is “ No dig, no ride”. Most mountain bike riders source the bush trails for its natural environment, ruggedness and the pride of creating your own area. Also, mountain biking has been around for over 30 years and only recently has become a ‘hype’ in western australia due to redbull supported events. This ‘craze’ with large number of riders may not be applicable in 5/10 years time when only the hard core riders are left and they prefer the natural bush instead of manicured trails as they have for the past 30 years without making any demands.9. Manicuring the walk trails also goes against the love of the park for many walkers and runners as they come to the park to enjoy the natural bush experience, small trails, sand paths and overall experience. Most are not after a limestone path but want to wander through the bush and let their dogs of the lead to wander with them. The park is also a favorite with cross country runners who frequently have contests in the park. They also prefer a rugged setting and running through the bush and over rocks, not manicured limestone paths.

Annette2012 about 3 years ago

The draft master plan is a really exciting opportunity to reactivate the Manning Park precinct. It was exciting to see how much new interest the stairs created in the area when opened. Unfortunately the design wasn't the right choice for the site. It could have worked better as a low impact decking style staircase. the consequence is the area near of bush cleared beside the stairs for construction is now becoming run down by people walking and riding xc bikes down it. For some reason there is a heap of paths to run/ride up and down on the hill but they choose this one? The Inclusion of upgrades to the walking and riding tracks on the hill is a fantastic idea that lets people access more of the usable space on the hill and gives them a greater sense of ownership. Im not entirely sure there needs to be a pump track right next to the park though? this could be on the south side near the bush well away from the public picnic playground area.There are also some really well thought out ideas in the plan that address the problems with path around the lake. The path has always been too close to the lake wetland scrub area. This has prolonged the regeneration of the natural wetland buffer area, as you can see this time of the year when the seasonal flooding is happening. It is great to see some boardwalks/bridges and extra plantings being included in the master plan to get rid of some of the nasty grass that is holding back the growth of the wetland area. For a further small investment though there could be more of this type of landscape design all the way around the lake that would help with things like the erosion by flood water on the east of the lake ad the lack of endemic flora to get of the some grass. The "remembrance boardwalk" concept seems a bit forced though. In regards to dogs and the park. I feel that people are going to let their dogs off the lead no matter how much great signage is in place. There needs to ba a dedicated off lead fenced area. Then there is an incentive for people to go straight there and let their dogs interact with other dogs rather than walk around the park and let their dogs poo wherever they want and pretend they didn't see them do it. Also would like to see the existing poo bags replaced with Biodegradable dog poo bags. The current degradable plastic just breaks down into smaller pieces of plastic rather than decomposing.

Ben about 3 years ago

Manning Park is a beautiful Park for all ages and what you have in the master plan is great but I'm interested in the long over due dog exercise area where we can let our dogs off the leash. I'm sure this result would benefit lots of families and will bring more of them to Manning Park. Plus the walk with our dogs around the lake after their play would be more enjoyable to non dog owners/walkers. thanks Kim

Kim taylor about 3 years ago

I think a mountain bike track is an excellent idea as is a pump track- the more stuff for teenagers and active adults the better.

Rachel47 about 3 years ago

Good for all users, if the plan is implemented as described. Couple of thoughts: Would be good to have a permanent cafe/food truck in the park, such an incentive a cuppa after a walk/run/cycle, and likewise would like to have dog friendly water access. I know they are mentioned in the plan but would like to emphasise that it is a must I share my run/walk with my dogs. More trees is great, but there is scope for more! I would like to assume that the planting would also keep in mind that types favoured by the Carnaby Cockatoos, to improve their odds of survival as so much is being lost through development (much of which is also happening in Cockburn)I am concerned with the lovely plans and manning park in general being spoilt by the regional road running north-south through part of the park, should it come into being (lord knows why when there is cockburn road there) it will effect access from several of the pedestrian access areas and the southern quarry the proposed second mountain bike area negating a lot of good work that this plan is proposing to do.. Also will become yet another barrier in the "wildlife corridor" that Cockburn is trying to promote..However that will no doubt be another battle for the future, I already use Manning park regularly and look forward to seeing the proposed plans put into action!

Sarah Whittaker about 3 years ago

would love a bike trail, as long as it is separate from walking trails!

Jill6163 about 3 years ago

I think firstly think the toilets have been put in a terrible location as u now cant see ur children play whilst using the bbq facilities. It would be great though to have all those suggestions but the need for a cafe is huge! The bike trail and bball court is a great idea as well.

Alana9 about 3 years ago

Yes please pump track/basketball courts

Marko13 about 3 years ago

I think a mountain bike trail is perfect and overdue.

Kdkd about 3 years ago

Very excited to see some great ideas for the park. We live right on the park's doorstep and as a family we visit the park almost daily in some capacity. The biggest glaring omission from this master plan is no mention of any kind of cafe/food/coffee outlet within the park. There is a golden opportunity to create a really vibrant,busy and unique food/coffee outlet, and within the Azelia Ley homestead seems like the obvious location. The whole space is so gorgeous and totally under utilised. You have a combination of existing users; mothers at the park mid week (definitely need coffee!!), a constant flow of health junkies using the steps, market patrons on weekends, not to mention all the added park patronage that will be attracted to the park with this added investment. the place is crying out for a unique cool cafe!!Having worked in the Fremantle hospitality scene for a number of years I can also attest to the value of having a space like a cafe in community building. By providing a common, friendly, comfortable and welcoming space you create avenues for connection within the community, and help to build a community around the park site. For me this community building is the most important and exciting prospect.Cheers!

Tom Lee about 3 years ago

sounds like small children, community events, elderly, historical are all covered. Would love a bit more attraction for teenagers, basketball good but there is a great basketball facility close by. Plenty of fabulous skate parks popping up but none close by so that would be great and with all these people now heading to manning park maybe A cafe of sorts, possibly part of homestead so it can be open to public more often.Continued maintenance of walkways through the hills without spoiling the natural beauty.

Lisa barrett about 3 years ago