Project Update: September 2021

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Thanks for your feedback on the draft

The draft design for Radiata Park was published for feedback throughout July and August 2021. Thank you to everyone who shared their comments and visited us at the drop-in session.

The vast majority of respondents were local, with 53 of the 60 respondents residing in Aubin Grove. The majority of feedback indicated support for the proposed design and some key feedback themes emerged:

  • Toilets: While toilets were not included in the draft design, some requested they be considered to prevent unhygienic behaviour and support visitation needs. Others noted concerns about their potential inclusion and how they might impact sightlines and social amenity.
  • Tree houses and cubbies: Some respondents suggested the central basin be used as a cubby or tree house area. This is not recommended as this area is for drainage, collecting potential pollutants from the surrounding road network. Revegetation with native species is a more suitable option.
  • Basketball half court: The provision of a small court was welcomed by many, however some noted concerns about potential noise.
  • Skate elements: The provision of skate elements was welcomed by many. Some noted the elements were too small or insufficient for the needs of young people in the community. Conversely, some respondents were concerned about the potential noise from the rail element, designed to encourage ollies/jumps. A “wedge to wedge” element with a grindable edge could be considered instead to minimise noise associated with jumps.
  • Lighting and CCTV: Additional lighting and CCTV was requested; however, lighting allows activities with associated noise impacts to continue into the evening so was excluded for this reason. The provision of CCTV within Cockburn is guided by the Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System Policy.

Community feedback will be presented to Council for consideration at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 9 September 2021. Please read the full feedback summary and Council Meeting Agenda for more information.

Feedback will be considered in the decision-making process, alongside other factors such as strategic planning and policy implications.

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Consultation has concluded

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