What is a development application?

    A development application (also referred to as a planning application) is a formal request for consent to carry out proposed development in the City of Cockburn. This can include construction of a house, shed, undertaking a home occupation or business and includes the use of an existing building.

    Planning approval is required to ensure that development being undertaken within the City of Cockburn complies with the relevant planning requirements and legislation. This includes the City's Town Planning Scheme No. 3(External link)Residential Design CodesLocal Planning Policies(External link) and other statutory documents.

    Why is this development application being advertised?

    We advertise development applications for public comment in these situations:

    • When the City deems that the development may impact the amenity of surrounding property owners or occupiers;
    • When there is a statutory requirement to do so.

    The consultation period is 21 days but may be extended for certain projects or during the Christmas period or other public holidays.

    We may advertise development applications in the following ways:

    • Letters to nearby land owners or occupiers;
    • On-site signage;
    • On our Comment on Cockburn website;
    • Advertising in local newspapers.

    How will my submission be used?

    When assessing a development application, we have a duty to consider all relevant factors in an objective and impartial manner. Submissions from the community help us by highlighting local issues and concerns. Other relevant considerations in the decision-making process may include:

    • The requirements prescribed in the Town Planning Scheme;
    • The City’s Policies and Strategies;
    • Local heritage inventory;
    • State legislation and policies;
    • Comments from government agencies and advisory groups;
    • Any other relevant planning matters.

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    What should I include in my submission?

    We accept any submissions made in writing and via the online submission form. However only submissions that relate to relevant planning matters can be considered as part of the assessment of the development application. Please ensure your comments relate to specific elements of the application and how these may impact either your own property or amenity (eg odour, dust, noise).

    You may attach additional information (plans, diagrams, photographs, etc.) as required. 

    We cannot consider feedback that relates to non-planning matters including:

    • Perceived loss of property value;
    • Perceived anti-social behaviour;
    • Potential residents or tenants;
    • Private disputes between neighbours including access and egress and easements;
    • Dividing fence issues;
    • Matters that are usually dealt with by the building permit process;
    • Impact of construction work;
    • Trade competition concerns (in most circumstances);
    • Personal morals or views about the applicant or City officers dealing with the application;
    • Matters that are controlled under other legislation.

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    What will happen after the submission period closes?

    Based on public submissions and all other relevant planning considerations, a decision is made about the development application, either by the officer, or by Council determination. 

    Those who made a submission during the public comment period are notified in writing of the outcome.